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HSN Points

In HSN, we reward your loyalty by offering a system of points and discounts. All your purchases in our store receive points that can be exchanged against future purchases, to receive significant discounts on all products.


100 HSN Points = 1 €

How do I get points?

When ordering

For every order placed, you accumulate 2 per cent of the order value in HSN points. Postage and packaging and I.V.A. (value added tax) are not included. 

Regardless of the type of product(s) purchased, the points system applies to all purchases.

VIP clients receive 1 per cent of net order value.

On completing product feedback

Give us your opinion of products that you have purchased in our shop and you will receive points.

1 opinion is worth 20 points. 

By inviting friends

For every friend you invite, you will earn 500 HSN points (worth five Euros), which will be added to your account to use against your future orders. Your friend will also receive another 500 points separately, to use against their future orders. 

Terms and conditions

Regardless of the type of product(s) purchased, the points system applies to all purchases.

Points may be exchanged for discounts when placing an order, in multiples of 300 points. For example, if you have 450 points in your account you may exchange 300, leaving 150 in your account to continue accumulating with other purchases and to obtain further discount once the balance reaches 300 points.

The value of points cashed in must not exceed 20% of the order. 

Points may not be combined with other offers. When obtaining discounts using HSN points, other additional types of discounts (such as coupons) may not be used in the same order. Similarly, if using coupons etc., points may not be used for further discounts on that order. 

HSN points do not have an expiry date.

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