Activate my Mind

Pack to Activate Your Mind

Combination of products that provide support for the cognition (better memory, focus...) and a proper psychological balance (better mood, motivation...).

Purpose of the Pack

The Packs to "Activate Your Mind" provide essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the brain activity apart from offering cognitive support. They are supplements designed to stimulate our brain activity and functionality while decreasing the mental fatigue.

Some of the properties and features from each pack will be:

  • Improved ability to focus
  • Mental clarity
  • Cognitive performance
  • Less mental fatigue when performing different tasks
  • Less stress
  • Better response capacity and resolution
  • Better mood

One of the main effects from these packs is the fact that they increase the production of Choline, which strengthens and stimulates the cognition and the neural communication.

5 Products
  • Especial pack for students. This pack is designed to help to stimulate the concentration and memory without causing nervousness.

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  • The perfect combination to improve your cognitive activity and concentration. Save now with our PACKS!

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  • New pack to improve concentration and memory, especially designed for sports that require high concentration levels.

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  • Special combination of supplements for those who suffer stress on a daily basis. Save money with this pack and reduce your daily stress.

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  • Special pack for seniors. Take care of your memory and protect it from cognitive deterioration produced by the passing of time with this combination of supplements.

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