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  • Organic alfalfa. It provides 1500mg of organic Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) per daily dose.
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What is Alfalfa?

The Alfalfa, Medicago sativa, is a plant that is related to the green pea family. It belongs to the evergreen herbs which can grow up to a height of 60cm. The fruit from the sprouts is a legume of 4-7 millimeters diameter, it has branches without thorns, and its shape spirals between one and a half and three and a half turns.

Not in vain, its green sprouts have always been associated with traditional medicinal, it is sold due to its richness in Amino Acids, Minerals y Vitamins, which makes it a very interesting ingredient when you are feeling down, for deficient diets. (which is why it is used as a nutritional supplement), or for tiredness. In fact, it has been traditionally known as ‘The king of foods‘.

Table of contents

Origin of Alfalfa

The Medicago sativa is mainly native to Asia, and it is regarded as one of the first herbs discovered by humankind, both for its quality and benefits. As we have previously said, this product belongs to the pea family, called the Fabaceae, and it is often used to feed animals (bails of alfalfa are the most common and renowned formats, and its use and commercialization has always meant to feed transport animals since ancient times in the whole world), since it has the highest nutritional value from all hay crops.

The etymology of the word Alfalfa is also worth mentioning. It comes from Arabic, more specifically from the phrase "al-fac-facah" which literally means "father of all foods", due to its high percentage of essential minerals, which we have already mentioned and that we will see later on in more depth.

It is currently sold and used a lot in countries like the United States, Canada, as well as a South America, Europe. It was used in ancient China (and it is still used nowadays) to treat digestive disorders, as well as renal treatments

What are the properties of Alfalfa?

The main quality properties are

  • Multivitamin: it is a plant with deep roots, during its growth it acquires an enormous amount of nutrients which will benefit our organism, and particularly that of sportspeople. This extra multivitamin richness is due to its content in Vitamin A, D, E and K, apart from all the Group B Vitamins
  • Minerals: Alfalfa is also full of super important minerals like Biotin, Calcium, Folic Acid, Iron, Magnesium and potassium. This aspect is also due to the fact that their roots are deeply rooted in the earth. It is also rich in Proteins
  • Diuretic: This plant is also used to fight against heavy water retention or urinary tract infections

Benefits of Alfalfa for Health

  • It lowers bad cholesterol, due to its high percentage of minerals and vitamins, which means that it purifies the blood
  • It regulates the sugar in the blood and it can be used by diabetic people. Some studies have determined that it could lower the sugar levels due to its high Manganese content something that happens to diabetic people who have had problems when it comes to the insulin response
  • These products help with the treatment of cancer. It has been discovered that consuming an alfalfa branch helps to detect the cancerous agents in the colon and help to eliminate them quickly and naturally.
  • It has been proven that the Alfalfa also improves the Vitamin K levels of those who are under anti-biotic treatments. Regarding more home-made remedies, the Alfalfa can prevent asthma and respiratory diseases, apart from reducing the symptoms related to menopause

How can we use Alfalfa?

This plant has provided many benefits for our health throughout the years, as we have previously seen, but there are different ways of using or preparing the Alfalfa.

A popular way of obtaining the benefits from this product would be through infusions. You can prepare an Alfalfa tea with another flavored tea in order to obtain additional benefits and a better flavor, because even if this plant is excellent for our health, it can be a little bit flavorless.

This natural herb can also be taken in capsules (it is sold in this format), since we can also use nutritional supplements regularly. This is a great way of obtaining all its benefits for health every day.

At last, dry or dehydrated alfalfa is another good alternative, if not the best, since the fresh branch is a great way of consuming it (and it is also sold in this format). The alfalfa can also be mixed with different gastronomical dishes of different quality. These products can be added to salads, soups, or stews. As long as we do not exceed the dose we will be able to make gastronomically healthier disehes without changing its flavor.

Buy Alfalfa

As we have highlighted, we can find the Alfalfa on sale in different formats, offers, and price. You have three choices at HSNstore: capsules, powder or juice, which makes its consumption easier, apart from always having the best price in the market.

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