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  • 100% pure Alfalfa powder. It provides 210mg of potassium per daily dose. GMO-free.
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  • Alfalfa juice extract and micronized dehydrated alfalfa in capsules.
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The alfalfa is a very nutritious plant with a great micronutrient supply. It provides vitamins from almost all the groups; as well as minerals like calcium, copper, chromium, iron and magnesium, among others. It also has a great vegetable protein content

Therefore, it is a food and food supplement with many properties for our body such as: reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL), regulating the blood sugar of diabetic people, preventing asthma and respiratory problems, as well as being used in cases of anemia.

It can be taken in different ways, either through traditional recipes or natural supplements. The latter have become very popular in the last few years, so that we can take advantage of its countless benefits on a daily basis.

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As we have already mentioned, the alfalfa is available in different formats, offers and price. In HSN, we have three different formats: capsules, powder or juice, which makes its intake easier, apart from being ready for immediate dispatch and always at the best price in the market.

Alfalfa Benefits and Properties

Alfalfa - Introducing the so called king of foods

Like in natural and traditional medicine, using herbs and plants in our diet is becoming quite popular. Alfalfa is one of them since it is a plant with many benefits for our health, such as treating urinary infections.

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