Amylopectin makes up part of the structure of starch, which is basically an 80%.

It is a complex carbohydrate that provides energy quickly and which is easily absorbed by the organism.

Amylopectin is a supplement that will improve the sport performance, apart from providing energy during the workout or recharging the energy deposits before training. That is why it is a perfect supplement before, during or after the workout or a competition.

If we want to improve our sport performance, we can combine amylopectin with:

  • Whey protein
  • Creatine
  • Glutamine
  • Pre-workout supplements

Where can I buy amylopectin?

HSNraw has designed an amylopectin product for the peri-workout. It comes from corn starch and you can take before, during or after the workouts in order to have energy. Enjoy this product in different flavors. Come and choose yours!

Moreover, the HSN online store has also packs available for different sports, and amylopectin is an indispensable supplement.

Amylopectin - Benefits and Properties

Amylopectin - What is it, Uses, Benefits and Intake

Taking amylopectin during the workout provides energy that is easy to digest. Therefore, it delays the onset of fatigue, prevents the hypoglycemia and improves the physical performance.

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    Waxy Maize Starch. Perfect as a peri-workout. Available in several formats and flavors. Suitable for vegan diets!
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  • Carbohydrates with creatine monohydrate.
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  • VITARGO LOAD - Amix Nutrition
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  • Quick and natural energy supply thanks to its carbohydrates from waxy maize starch.
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