Ankle, Wrist & Body Weights
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Ankle, Wrist & Body Weights

Ankle, wrist and body weights will allow you to improve your high intensity workouts, but in particular, endurance training. They can also help you enhance and improve your results. What’s more, they make lungs and heart work better, making the organism burning more calories.

There are several types of ankle, wrist and body weight so you can choose the one that suits you better. The difference is only how much they weigh and how they are made. Some of them allow you to change weights so you can adapt it to every training phase.

In the case of weighted vests, it is fundamental that they include a neoprene padding in the shoulder and chest areas to provide maximum comfort while exercising. The seams are specially arranged to avoid chafing and discomfort.

Anyway, wrist and ankle weights have a soft velcro system for you to adapt it properly and not get your skin irritated. HSNstore offers several types for both men and women.

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