Acne Treatments

What is acne?

Acne is a skin disease that affect youngsters and adolescents. It is a problem that has a pilosebaceous follicule that makes the sebaceous glands to secrete greater amount of grease than the skin is capable to eliminate on its own.

Grease accumulations result in blockage that go darker, becoming a spot. When the blockage is broken, the area can get infected, causing purulent pustules. If the infection occurs under the skin, it can form a cyst, leaving scars. This disorder is quite common, in fact, according to several studies, up to 80% of population gets affected by acne at some point of their lives.

Acne causes

There are several causes and very varied. First of all, hormonal causes are very common in youngsters and teenagers. However, it is also caused by endocrine alterations, weather changes, allergies or drug side effects like estrogens, testosterone and cortisone.

Ways to remove acne

All acne treatments have one only purpose and it is to heal the injuries caused by this annoying disease, and prevent reappearance. These products are usually creams that enhance the growth of new cells and regenerate the damaged cells. For this reason, these creams contain sulphur, resorcinol, retin A, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. In some cases they also have antibiotic agents, even though they need to be prescribed by a dermatologist.

HSNstore offers a wide range of acne treatments. All our products have been dermatologically tested and meet the most demanding quality requirements.

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