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A studied combination of supplements that have a synergistic action to improve general health. Powerful antioxidant action, counteracting the action of free radicals.

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  • Powerful antioxidant action
  • Antiaging effect
  • Promotes optimum health status
  • Enhances energy metabolism
  • Cognitive support

This pack consists of a series of products that offer important properties in order to enhance the health level of our body and strengthen our immune system. One of the characteristics of these ingredients is that they counteract the action of free radicals. These chemicals are caused by several factors, including external and internal agents, which we are exposed to daily such as pollution (like certain heavy metals or cigarette smoke), results of physiological processes that give rise to metabolic waste, some drugs, or even the course of time. Free radicals cause oxidative damage in the cells that form the tissues where they act, propagating this phenomenon to other systems. In this sense the antioxidants will act to neutralize this negative effect, that can have harmful consequences in the long term, like the development of certain diseases or causing symptoms of general debilitation. Another sector that also benefits highly by this preventive action will be athletes, which due to physical exercise, especially if it tends to be of high intensity, will generate large amounts of these free radicals, and therefore it is advisable to act upon it.


  • People looking to boost their health.
  • People who are exposed to risk factors from pollutants.
  • Athletes who train regularly and at a moderate-high intensity.


Ubiquinol 100mg

Ubiquinol 100mg 60 softgels of Now Foods

Ubiquinol is the reduced form of coenzyme Q10, ie, our organism has to obtain ubiquinol from Q10, so supplying it with this form directly will be a way of increasing the bioavailability of the substance. It is present in every cell that forms the tissues of each organ of our organism, and its function is to provide energy at a cellular level for the correct functioning of the whole system. Among its functions we will find the following: boosting the immune system, supporting the nervous system, and improving the health of the cardiovascular system. As it appeares in the description, another great benefit associated to Ubiquinol will be its cellular protective effect, neutralizing the damage of the free radicals. Possible deficiencies of coenzyme Q10 may be motivated by factors such as a poor diet, excess daily stress, or some types of disease or pathology, the consequences of this shortage of the element are symptoms of fatigue, both mental and physical, and general weakness.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid 500mg of 120 veg caps of HSNessentials

Alpha lipoic acid is a type of fatty acid that resides in the mitochondria and is involved in energy metabolism. It offers some interesting properties in order to enhance our health. On the one hand, it acts regulating the blood glucose, thus benefiting by avoiding alterations in these levels, and this way maintaining our appetite more controlled, additionally, it benefits people with diabetes. And on the other hand, as it is an antioxidant that works in hydro and liposoluble media, it allows other antioxidant agents to develop their effects, suchis the case with vitamins E and C. Alpha lipoic acid helps reduce the oxidative effects of free radicals and inflammation, leading to benefits such as the protection of the heart muscle, liver problems, diabetes, and even neurological decline due to age.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg 120caps de HSNessentials

Acetyl L-carnitine is the acetylated form of carnitine that, thanks to its molecular structure, can cross the blood-brain barrier, and thus reach the blood supply in the brain. Acetyl l-carnitine will provide a strong cognitive support, as well as a series of benefits to preserve the optimal health of our brain, through the detoxification of impurities and residues in the encephalic mass, that are a result of the accumulation of dark fat from lipid peroxidation. With its neuroprotective effects it will achieve a better oxygenation, better neural connection, and better cognitive performance, while improving the person's mood.


Curcumin 95% 60Vcaps de Now Foods

Curcumin is a phytochemical with important benefits for our health, being the active principle of turmeric (Curcuma Longa). Among its properties we can find the following: Anti-inflammatory, capacity to counteract the possible onset of some types of cancer, and prevent them; Anticoagulant, avoiding possible obstruction of the arteries and improving circulatory irrigation; Nootropic, enhancing cognitive performance; Digestive, improving the digestions and avoiding gas and swelling. Along with them, of course, their antioxidant action, delaying the effects of the years (antiaging), and combating the damage at a cellular level of tissues as a result of free radicals.


Ubiquinol 100mg:

Take 1 capsule a day, with a meal.

Alpha Lipoic Acid 500mg:

Take 1 capsule a day, preferably with a meal.

Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg:

Take 2 capsules, twice a day, along with breakfast and lunch.

Curcumin 95%:

Take 3 capsules a day, along with main meals.

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