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Arla Foods

A company with more than 12 thousand owners

Arla Foods is an international co-operative made up of 12,500 farmers in Western Europe and Scandinavia and 19,000 employees, whose head office is located in the Danish town of Viby. To understand the origin of this particular co-operative, one must go back to the signing of the merger agreement of the Swedish dairy Arla and the Danish dairy company MD Foods. In fact, in the year 2000, both came together to create a single company that made it the fourth largest dairy company in the world, in terms of milk volume, and the seventh with respect to turnover.

Both Arla and MD Foods have a similar history. Both began their journey at the end of the 19th century, becoming the first dairy co-operatives and leaders in their respective territories. This gene has been maintained throughout its existence, and currently, Arla Foods presumes to be a group whose co-operative philosophy implies that everyone works together to continue creating an entity that benefits the farmers themselves.

More recently, co-operatives from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg have joined Arla Foods.
The benefit that Arla Foods obtains when we purchase any of its products is divided equally between the number of litres with which the farmers have contributed. Every year they reinvest part of their profits in the business to continue growing. In this way, they ensure their own future and also that of the next generation. That is the philosophy of this co-operative.

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Arla Foods Ingredients

The company develops and manufactures milk-based ingredients, mainly functional and nutritional milk proteins, bioactive phospholipids, minerals, permeate and lactose for the food industry. In their plant, they develop bioactive ingredients derived from whey for infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, sports nutrition and functional foods. The objective is to make the most of milk and its properties.

The co-operative works to achieve dairy products of the highest quality, assuming that milk is the most valuable natural food that exists. It is the first food that we take at birth and can be part of a healthy diet throughout our lives. But this alone does not make it a healthy food. In Arla, they consider that the important thing is how it is combined and how much is ingested.

Para la compañía es crucial mantener en todo momento el valor nutricional de la leche y sus productos se puedan comer y beber con toda seguridad cuando lleguen hasta cada uno de nuestros hogares.

For the company, it is crucial to maintain at all times, the nutritional value of milk and its products so they can be consumed safely when they reach our homes.

  • Calcium in milk: Dairy products are a very good source of calcium, necessary for normal growth and for the development of bones in children. For adults, calcium is essential to maintain healthy bones.
  • Matured cheeses: Matured cheeses contain zinc, which contributes to the correct cognitive function and the immune system.
  • Dairy proteins: Proteins are necessary for a healthy and balanced diet. Arla Protein products are the answer for all those who are looking for a practical and beneficial product with at least 20g of protein per pack, with the best taste.

Sustainability as a Principle

In Arla, they work without losing sight of sustainability, understanding that this work is only possible in line with the farmers and the other collaborators. This implies that there is a clear interest in giving greater visibility to the need to act responsibly towards the environment and, above all, the communities of which they are part of.

But that is not all. In Arla, they strive to promote good eating habits and make it easier to access a healthy lifestyle. Being a dairy producing company owned by farmers from several countries, the company has the opportunity to provide healthy dairy products to people around the world without losing sight of good practices in the field of environment and dairy production.

Quality Guarantee

The farmers who are part of the Arla co-operative manage their farms and milk production according to a common program of Quality Assurance called Arlagården®. In this way, they guarantee that their milk is of the best quality and that it is produced in a responsible manner.

All the farmers who participate in the program receive the visit of qualified advisors dedicated to verify that their farms meet the conditions of the program so that all those who need to improve certain aspects receive advice to reach the common objective.

Arla Foods Natural Products

Arla works to ensure that most of its products are free of ingredients and artificial additives. When this is not possible to guarantee the highest possible level of quality of the product, they work so that they continue to be as natural as possible, researching and developing more natural alternatives.

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