Attachments & Handles
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  • Nylon rope cable extension with steel attachment.
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Attachments & Handles

Attachments and handles can be combined with any gym machine or equipment whose only purpose is to facilitate strength and endurance development for the effort to be as effective as possible. These accessories are used to work the trunk and the superior part of the body.

Facilitating the process is fundamental to avoid injuries. The arm movement is not the only factor involved in these type of exercises, as your shoulders can get hurt.

One of the main advantages of using attachments and handles is that you’ll work muscles that are very hard to exercise other way.

HSNstore offers a wide variety of attachments and handles so you can choose the one that suits you better. Anyway, harbinger cables, which are the most comfortable way to work your biceps and triceps, the handle rotating pulleys and handlebars are the most useful and versatile..

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