Beta-carotenes are chemical substances which are mostly responsible for the wide range of yellows, oranges and red from vegetables, as well as the orange color of some animals.

Bet-carotene is completely metabolized in the intestine, and an important amount is unaltered to become deposit fat.

Once in the small bowel, beta-carotene is transformed in vitamin A thanks to a specific enzyme, 15:15 monooxygenase. Then, it goes to the bloodstream to perform its tasks in the target organs.

Some of the benefits of beta-carotene are:

  • Fighting against diseases that affect the ocular health
  • Supporting cardiovascular health
  • Improving male fertility
  • Supporting skin health
  • Fighting against diseases that affect the liver, colon and prostate, among others

Where can I buy beta-carotene?

You can purchase beta-carotene supplements in specialized stores. Let's not forget that most of them are vitamin A capsules that are sometimes combined with other ingredients like soy lecithin or vitamins from other complexes.

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Beta-carotene Benefits and Properties

Beta-carotene - Natural source of vitamin A for the organism

Beta-carotene was the first carotenoid whose pure form was obtained in a laboratory. The scientist Wackenroder isolated it in 1831 with the structure of micro-crystals using a carrot sample as substrate.

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