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Hydrolysed beef protein. Low cholesterol, fat and carbohydrates.
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BEEF PROTEIN - 1,816Kg is recommended for the following sports:

  • Sports Background
  • Extreme Sports
  • Fight Sports
  • Strength Sports
  • Power Sports
  • Racquet Sports
  • Team Sports
  • Water Sports

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  • 25 g of protein per serving
  • 4.5 g of BCAA
  • Low fats and carbohydrates
  • Includes vitamins B3, B6 and B12
  • No creatine added
  • Recommended for athletes on the Paleo Diet
  • Carefully selected ingredients

What is Beef Protein?

Beef Protein by BioTech USA is a protein formula based on hydrolyzed protein provided by bovine meat, one of the best protein sources that can be found.

It's a high quality protein, easy to digest, and with the optimal amounts of essential amino-acids to enhance muscle growth.

Free of creatine, lactose, soy or other added ingredients, and it is based on a cholesterol-free protein source with a 97% purity.

What are the properties of Beef Protein?

Each dose 30g de Beef Protein, provides 25 g of protein, from which 4.5 g are BCAA's, 10 g are essential amino-acids and 8 g are conditionally essential amino-acids. It's the ideal protein for you to take after training, as it avoids muscle degradation and improves the capacity to recover after workouts to help us workout with more frequency.

During the elaboration process of Beef Protein, no chemicals are ever used. In the production process the microfiltration and hydrolysis technique is used, to produce a truly pure product with a high peptide arrangement. This way, all the essential nutrients will be kept intact, both peptides, amino acids, nucleotide fractions, and vitamins and minerals.

In addition, it offers an optimum digestion, solubility and absorption due to the carefully monitorised process of elaboration.

Beef Protein has been enriched with the branched-chain amino-acids (BCAA's) leucine, isoleucine y valine. As well as acting as a quick energy supply during workouts, BCAAs can also prevent muscle damage. This allows a faster recovery after training.

Who can benefit from taking Beef Protein?

  • Sportspeople and/or Athletes looking for an ideal protein after workouts, and even at other times of the day, like when you wake up or just before starting physical activity. Allowing them to obtain a large amount of nutrients to enhance performance and accelerate recovery.
  • Anyone looking to increase the protein intake in their diet, through a non-dairy source, and also help their muscle development.

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