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Complete guide to improve your physical condition and performance by working your Core
To do this, follow the advice from the best professionals and specialists to improve this aspect, which will provide a better balance and performance for your favorite sport.

Training the Abs

Somehow, when we perform multi-joint exercises, which are those that involve multiple muscles (squats or deadlifts) we are already working the abdomen indirectly.

The core is a stabilizing element

A strong core

That is why it is necessary to do thousands of crunches...

The Importance of Training the Abdomen

  • Preventing injuries
  • Improving the posture
  • Strengthening the medium line
  • Enhancing strength exercises
  • Contributing to improve the esthetic (hypertrophy)

How to get the so famous “6 pack”?

If you want to define your abs and show them off, you will need to do two things:

  • Low fat %
  • Hypertrophy of the abdominal muscles

Combine Animal Packs

In the first point, the diet will be a key aspect

If we want to lose fat, we will have to follow a caloric deficit (spend more calories than what we eat).

Obviously, there are nuances if we want to ensure notorious results: maintaining a high protein intake, reducing the consumption of ultra-processed foods…

Abdomen Hypertrophy

Regarding the second point, this is where the articles that you will find in this section come into play: Hypopressive exercises, Isometric, Obliques, to Do at Home,…

Abs routines do not have to be boring, short, nor repetitive. There are many exercises and different combinations that help to change, perfect and intensify the muscle work in all the abdominal area. Objective of Abs Training at Home With this article, we want to help you focus on the variety and quality of the exercises, allowing you to alternate …

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