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Algae had become another ingredient used in different diets due to the amount of nutrients they can provide to our organism.

What are the properties of algae?

They have been traditionally used in the oldest recipes or for new ones like smoothies or shakes.

Algae Supplements

They are also included in food supplements with natural extracts of said products.

The objective is to obtain all the benefits (through the nutrients they provide) that algae can give to our body.

In the HSN Blog, you will be able to find the different benefits from the most famous algae in order to improve our health in many ways:

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You have probably heard about Kelp supplements. It is nothing else than a type of seaweed that will help you keep your metabolism on point What is Kelp? Kelp (known in Europe as “Algivit”) are algae that grow in shallow waters from the Patagonia coast. They are brownish with a plain and elongated structure. Moreover, it is a source of …

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Those who take spirulina feel more energized, vital and mentally awake. It stimulates our health, vitality and energy apart from strengthening our immune system and reducing the appetite. It is one of the most nutritious products available. What is Spirulina? It is a greenish blue seaweed with a spiral shape. Its green color is due to its chlorophyll content while …

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