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Our dear Patricia Ferreira is passionate about healthy food and fitness recipes. She spends almost all the time writing in her healthy recipes blog.

She is Portuguese and she does not lose sight of her roots and she provides a special and personal touch to each and every single one of the menus and recipes that she makes with all her love and dedication.

Patricia Ferreira, known as 'elacozinha' in social media, follows a healthy lifestyle and good nutritional habits. Her purpose is to follow the right path to become what she believes a fit and healthy person should be.

Find out all her recipes and find out that cooking easily and healthily is possible thanks to Elacozinha.

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Today we want to teach you how to cook delicious chocolate and peanut butter bon bons. They are also extremely easy to make. You can eat them with a nice cup of coffee 😉 Wanna try? Chocolate and Peanut Butter Bon Bons Recipe Chocolate Peanut Butter Bon Bons Review Quick recipe - 100% Easy to find ingredients - 90% Nutritional …

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If you like cooking and you consider yourself a realfooder, you are going to love this recipe to make homemade cocoa and hazelnut spread! Enjoy chocolate in the healthiest way. You will obtain a natural and delicious spread thanks to the authentic Belgian chocolate by HSN. Homemade Cocoa and Hazelnut Spread Recipe Homemade Cocoa and Hazelnut Spread Review Easy recipe …

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Today, we bring a recipe to cook a delicious chocolate mug cake, which is very easy to make. In fact, it makes a perfect breakfast or dessert 😉 Wanna try? How to cook a Chocolate Mug Cake? Easy to make - 99% Easy to find ingredients - 100% Nutrient value - 90% Flavor - 100% 97% HSN Evaluation: 5 /5

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Today, we bring you a super appetizing recipe: Chocolate Salami with Nuts. We have chosen the best ingredients to cook this delicious recipe. You will not be able to resist this recipe by Ela Cozinha. Everything you love about chocolate in the form of “Salami” 😋 Tasty! Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments! …

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Would you like a delicious protein bread that tastes like chocolate? Well, write down this banana bread recipe and try it out for yourself! Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe (Whey Protein Bread) Banana Bread Review Easy to make - 100% Easy to find ingredients - 100% Nutrient value - 100% Flavor - 100% 100% HSN Evaluation: 5 /5

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Today, we bring you a very useful recipe even for those who are not very good at cooking… Ela Cozinha has come up with a quick Pizza that you can cook on a pan A perfect last-minute dinner. Add your favorite ingredients and enjoy. Try it out and tell us what you think in the comments below! Pizza on a …

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I have to admit it, I am addicted to chocolate. But this time, I have made a delicious chocolate mousse with a higher protein content. You will have several options when it comes to choosing the chocolate for this recipe. It will be up to you, either if you like it more or less sweet and more or less protein. …

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A magical combination: Chocolate Mousse with Whey Protein + Avocado… Wanna try? Here you have the ingredients you are going to need. If you have any question leave it in the comments below and we will answer as soon as possible. Recipe: Chocolate Mousse with Whey Protein Whey Protein Mousse with Avocado Easy to make - 93% Easy to find …

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Healthy, quick and delicious recipe to make a nutritious dessert for your guests: Chocolate and Coconut Mousse It will take you 10 minutes at most and you will have to tidy up the kitchen! 😉 Wanna try? Chocolate and Coconut Mousse Recipe Chocolate and Coconut Mousse Review Easy to make - 100% Easy to find ingredients - 100% Nutrient value …

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Let’s get in the kitchen to cook tomorrow’s breakfast. There is nothing better than a delicious and healthy Marble Cake to start the day off with energy Marble Cake Recipe Marble Cake Review Easy to make - 85% Easy to find ingredients - 95% Nutrient value - 100% Flavor - 100% 95% HSN Evaluation: 5 /5

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Scones are a typical Scottish sweet that you can cook for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. They are extremely nutritious! Scones with Whole Oats Recipe Whole Oat Scones Review Quick preparation - 100% Affordable ingredients - 100% Nutrient facts - 100% Flavor - 100% 100% HSN Evaluation: 5 /5

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Today, we wanted to share a very easy recipe for those rainy and cold days when all we want to do is stay in bed and watch a movie. Because… who can refuse a nice cup of hot chocolate? How to make a Protein Hot Chocolate? Here, we will list the ingredients that you are going to need. Also, if …

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