Ivan Sotelo

Ivan Sotelo

Specialist in Strength and Conditioning training

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Degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport (Uvigo) and Specialist in Physical-Sport Prevention and Rehabilitation of Injuries (Master UCLM-RFEF).

He is currently an editor and professor at the "Mundo Entrenamiento" magazine.

Co-author of two scientific articles presented at:

  • VI Galician Portuguese Congress of Sport Psychology and I Conference of the Iberian SIPD (Sánchez, Valcarce, Sotelo, Varela and Santomé, 2015)
  • XIV International Congress of Sport and Health Sciences (Alonso-Fernández, Sotelo, Abalo-Núñez, García and Taboada-Iglesias, 2018)

He was Chief of the Functional Strength and Sport Re-education of the Pontevedra FC SAD, as well as Physical Trainer of the same club.

He also worked as Physical Trainer and Rehabilitator of the Salgueiriños FC and the Cordeiro FC.

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Let’s analyze the Rest-Pause method is an efficient way of gaining muscle mass according to the new studies The is the process that results from efficiently combining mechanical tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage. The latter is a direct consequence of the first two. (Schoenfeld, 2010). More specifically, improving the hypertrophy with advanced workout techniques (, Drop Sets, Rest-Pause, Myo-reps, …

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