José Miguel Olivencia

José Miguel Olivencia

Sport, Communication and Passion. He tries to share his passion with all his readers

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He follows and practices sport and he brings it to the field of communication, which is something he has been passionate about since he was a child.

One of its favorite sports is cycling. He mainly practices the highway mode, even though he does so at an amateur level.

He combines his main job as a Web Content Creator in HSN and the HSN Blog with several collaborations in the written press, such as the Sports section in Granada Hoy.


He has always been connected to sport, he was an intern at the Real Madrid FC Communication Department, as well as a member of the Granada Basketball Club Communication Department and Press in the ACB League.

He experiences sport with passion and rigor, which are aspects that he lives by.

  • Degree in Journalism at the University of Malaga.
  • Master in Communication and Sport Journalism at the European University of Madrid.

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Physical strength and resistance, apart from focus and mental toughness. This could be a short way of describing the most important characteristics that every tennis player should have. This sport gathers millions of people from all over the world. Do you know the benefits of playing tennis? If you do not, do not worry! Let’s find out together. Did you …

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The HSN Fitness School is an event where we try to provide information and knowledge to our followers about the latest topics about nutrition and sport. Like everything we do, we provide rigorous information relying on the best professionals from the sector. What is the HSN Fitness School? The Fitness School is an initiative that we came up with at HSN. Our aim …

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Another year with the very best! Everything is ready here at HSN to attend the 12th International Symposium on Strength and the IronFEMME Project as sponsor. This year, the event has also gather the national NSCA in the so called 1st National Conference NSCA Spain. Our corporate image is ready, we have ironed our HSN uniform and, most importantly: we will …

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HSN is 100% committed and involved in forming the future promises of the world of exercise and physical conditioning. That is why we are gland to inform you that we have signed an agreement with NSCA Spain (National Strength and Conditioning Association). Now, both entities will work together in the pursuit of excellence in the fields of sports and health. …

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Fit Waffle recipes, because following a healthy lifestyle: daily exercise and healthy diet; should not mean that you cannot treat yourself. You just have to control the ingredients that you use. That is why we have gathered the best recipes for one of the most delicious snacks: WAFFLES!! Our first tip is to always cook your fit waffle recipes at …

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Fitness Meringue Recipes to enjoy delicious desserts while following a healthy diet. Who said that making sugar-free meringue is impossible? Here you have the best examples 🙂 Moreover, in HSN we have come up with a Fitness Meringue Pack with all the necessary products to make the healthiest Fitness Meringue Recipes. What comes in the HSN Fitness Meringue Pack? Now, …

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The aloe vera plant has been used with medicinal purpose for thousands of years. It is regarded as the most complete plant from natural medicine. Its used is meant to treat multiple pathologies: wounds, skin diseases, gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, gingivitis or burns. Its benefits have been scientifically tested which is why no home should be missing this plant. But, …

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Alpinia Galanga, also known as blue ginger, belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. In the last few years, this plant has gained a lot of relevance due to its medicinal properties. Find them out in the following article. What is the Alpinia Galanga? Other names: greater galangal, lengkuas, Thai ginger or blue ginger. Alpinia Galanga has many traditional uses in cooking and …

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