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María José García

María José García

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About the author

María José has been connected to sport throughout her whole life. She has competed in several sport disciplines such as skating, swimming or gymnastics since she was a little girl.

However, no other sport caught her attention as fitness did. In fact, she started to focus her career on it more than 10 years ago.

She has learnt and work with the best specialists such as the sport medicine department at the Vida Sana Institute (Balneario de Las Caldas), Alternative Entertainment Proyects with the Principado de Asturias or teaching at the University of Oviedo. She has also worked and/or collaborated in high performance clubs, teams or professional athletes and several health proyects.

Some of her most remarkable collabs are with the “Sector Fitness European Academy” or several academies where she has taught, as well as her articles for webs and international magazines such as Sport Life, Fitness Ecuador or Mundo Fitness.

María José is a fighter and entrepeneur who has always fought against adversity. She currently manages her own company while teaching Physical Education.

She is never satisfied, which is why she plans to organize sport events and courses in the near future, which is something that she has already done many times. She also plans to improve her advisory business regarding nutrition and sport, among others.

Studies and Experience

  • Degree in Physical Education
  • Graduate in Primary School
  • Double Degree in Science of Physical Activity and Sport / Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Master in bodybuilding and fitness (IFBB and FEFF)
  • Specialist in sport nutrition
  • Superior sport nutrition and supplementation
  • National personal trainer
  • Monitor of directed activities, Aerobics, step…
  • Courses related to sport such as spinning monitor, yoga and Pilates monitor...

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