Paula Escalón

Paula Escalón

Bikini Fitness Winner, she loves sport and healthy lifestyles

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Winner of Bikini Spain 2013. She is from Cadiz, she serves in the military and competes in bikini fitness. She loves sport and following a healthy lifestyle.

Her life has been connected to sport from an early age.

She is currently getting ready for international championships, while learning to be a personal trainer and nutritionist.

Her ambition and motivation are to help all those who, like her, want to be a better version of themselves and improve physically and mentally, always with honesty, discipline and knowledge.

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Fit battered chicken is a typical recipe in some areas of Spain. The original recipe is battered and fried, but we are going to adapt it so that it will be healthier. The ingredients for this recipe are quite simple just as the preparation. We can also change it by adding turkey or even ham. Fit Battered Chicken Recipe Fit …

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Do you have some protein leftovers from different flavors? Then, I will explain a recipe to make a Pudding with 3 layers that is very easy to make, low in calories, and affordable. I am going to do it with my favorite flavors, a chocolate and vanilla pudding, but you can change the ingredients as you like. Other combinations that …

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