Sergio Espinar

Sergio Espinar

Sport Nutritionist, specialized in fat loss and health in Women

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He has devoted himself to nutrition since 2010, Sergio Espinar has worked with many elite athletes. Moreover, he has tought in many different courses and masters.

He has been a part of collectives as personal trainer or dietist-nutritionist. He has always been connected to the world of sport.

It goes without saying that he is a national and international referent, he has worked as a nutritional advisor for several athletes. Ex-professor at the UNED foundation.

Some of his future plans consists of writing a book about nutrition and get a PhD. He has recently joined the team Iraki Nutrition as a researcher and coach.

He collaborates with the NSCA and he is a member of the group Better By Science, as well as the UMA team (University of Malaga).

He was also a speaker in the five editions of the Fitness School organized by HSN.

  • Degree in Pharmacy
  • Degree in Dietetics and nutrition
  • Focused on fat loss and growth of muscle mass

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Sweeteners made from stevia are completely natural, very sweet, low in calories and they help to regulate the blood sugar levels. Therefore, they are quite valuable for those who suffer diabetes or hypoglycemia. What is stevia? If there is one sweetener that has become really popular in the last few years, that is stevia. It is a plant (stevia rebaudiana) …

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It is becoming more and more common to see people using some type of nutritional supplement, either to take care of their health or to improve at a physical level, both in their body composition as well as in the recovery of the muscle. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most famous supplements that I am …

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For years, scientists have tried to find out why women have so many problems when it comes to losing fat. If we ask the women we know why they suffer pre-menstrual mood swings, fluid retention or chocolate cravings, most of them will answer: “Damn estrogens…” We tend to blame estrogens for all the physiological changes that happen to women. However, …

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We could say that HMB is one of the supplements that has caused more expectation and controversy in the last few years Who is to blame? There are certain studies that show radical changes in terms of body composition such as: gaining 7kg of “muscle tissue” while losing 5kg of fat. Other studies show how HMB can preserve the muscle …

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Evobrain is a supplement designed to improve the cognitive capacities. In this way, it can be used by those who are studying at highschool, the university, doing psychotechnical tests… Now, we will offer an extensive review about the most important points that it treasures, as well as the reason why these ingredients and no others have been chosen. What is …

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This protocol has been designed for those who dare to achieve almost impossible percentages of fat. With the HSN protocol, you will be able to achieve the extreme definition that you always wanted! Let’s make things clear before starting the protocol First of all, I do not believe that the diet is a 70% of the success. The second thing …

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Cyclodextrins are a new type of high performance carbohydrate. They have a series of properties that make them different from the rest of sport drinks. Peri-workout Supplementation The intake of nutrients has been gaining more and more relevance regarding the performance of athletes. Some authors1 openly claim that the moment they choose to take supplementation is even more important than …

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The first thing we should know is that our omega 3/omega 6 balance is far from ideal due to our current lifestyle and the food that we consume. Most foods have high concentrations of omega 6, which means that the amount of omega 3 that we need to achieve the anabolic effect is high. In this situation, omega-3 supplements become …

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This is a guide for women who practice sport that was written by popular demand. I will explain how to improve the performance as well as the physical condition of women. Energy expenditure depending on the exercise in women Even though there are many differences between both sexes, we are going to focus on those that have an impact at …

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