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This section will be used to talk about Chest-Leg Bodybuilding Routines, which are very useful to improve your physical condition

What is a Chest-Leg Routine?

It is a 2-frequency weekly routine focused on the muscle groups from the upper and lower parts of the body. This would also be the case of a chest-back routine.

Each day, we will alternate between lower and upper body instead of focusing on the same muscle group. For instance, that would be the case of doing just chest or back.

What is a Chest-Leg Routine?

Bench Press

Chest-leg training twice a week

Chest-Leg Routine Scheme

  • Monday – Upper body
  • Tuesday – Lower body
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Upper body
  • Friday – Lower body
  • Saturday and sunday – Rest

We can take advantage of the resting days to do other activities, like swimming, biking…

What are the Advantages of the Chest-Leg Routine?

  • Improving the Volume and Frequency variables regarding both the upper and lower body parts
  • Allowing an efficient weight progression
  • Helping us focus on a muscle group, even more than full body routines
  • Gaining strength and improving the physical composition
  • A “more pleasant” routine than a split routine
  • A “more natural” training scheme based on “Push Pull Leg”

Chest-leg for athletes


Who can benefit from following a Chest-Leg Routine?

  • All those who are medium or advanced users
  • Athletes who want to follow a parallel routine to complement their sport

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