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All you need to know about CrossFit, a sport that requires strength, power, gymnastic abilities, aerobic capacity…

What is CrossFit?

It is a functional training with varied exercises executed at a high intensity. Above all, it was designed to improve any athletic capacity: performance, power, speed, resistance…

All you need to know about CrossFit

When was CrossFit born?

Its origin goes back to the previous century, at the end of the 1990s.

Greg Glassman, his creator, was a visionary that gathered several exercises and activities that resulted in this extraordinary training method.

CrossFit is for you

In the beginning, everything started off as a system to train the State Security Forces in order to enhance their physical and athletic capacities.

How have the CrossFit Games evolved from their start to this day? Click here and do not miss it out!

How to follow a CrossFit Training

Its involves routines without an established order, since at the beginning, it entailed a “general purpose”.

However, thanks to the reevaluation in terms of competence, the trainers are more and more capable of making a plan for their athletes with a clear purpose: classify for the Games.

CrossFit Games 2018

For example, we can find elements and exercises like:

  • Olympic Movements
  • Gymnastic Elements
  • Exercises with our own body weight
  • Aerobic Capacities

The Best Articles about CrossFit

You will be able to find a select catalog of related articles, from how to optimize your diet to enhance your performance or what are the best supplements.

If you are interested in the latest news about the changes in this sport, the Games, or the results of the Open, events and competitions, you cannot miss any of our articles.

CrossFit Vitargo

It has stopped being a trend to become a reality, and we want to prove it at the HSN Blog!
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When Manuel asked me to write an entry for the HSN blog I was very excited. Then I thought… What should I write about? In the end, I decided to write about me, not because I think I am special. Rather, because I thought I could give my insight regarding strength training and CrossFit during adolescence. Above all, it is …

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If we ask people why they go to the gym for the first time, few will say they want to train CrossFit. In fact, the answer will probably be “to shape up”… …However, we tend to connect the definition of “being fit” with our physical aspect or body composition (muscle mass and fat percentage). If our objective is… …being able …

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is a powerful physical conditioning system that combines several sport disciplines, like weightlifting, gymnastics… These disciplines use mostly functional exercises at a high intensity. Their main appeal is the competitive factor, meaning that we will have to give our best in each workout. Why are CrossFit Supplements Necessary? This type of training includes different exercises which will subject our body …

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