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Fats are a group that gathers the different types of lipids which are key elements that make up our body.

What are fats?

They are nutrients that are obtained through the diet in order to provide energy to our body to function on a daily basis.

More specifically, our body uses them in order to keep on functioning once we run out of other nutrients such as carbohydrates.

We should not associate them with a negative effect on our body, even though they are always related to cholesterol.

Types of fats

They are an important part of our diet, but some types are healthier than others.

Choosing healthy fats from vegetables over less healthy ones from animals will help you lower the risk of suffering a heart attack, strokes and other major health problems.

We can distinguish between:

  • Saturated: from meat and their derivatives, the body is not able of transforming them since they have been previously processed.
  • Unsaturated: among which we can find monounsaturated (olive oil), polyunsaturated, essential oils and omega 3.

In this section, we will deepen into all the types of fat, how much do we need and how they work in the organism.

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Peanut butter has a satiating effect while providing vegetable protein, minerals and fiber. The latter support the proper functioning of the digestive system. Quality Nutrient Supply A peanut butter supply can be quite important from a nutritional standpoint. In addition, it will keep your appetite satiated for longer. Due to its nutritional properties, apart from its ability to calm hunger, …

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Coconut milk is a delicious and healthy drink. It is made with the coconut pulp in a completely natural way. Its main ingredients are medium chain fatty acids. These fatty acids provide energy that will be immediately available for the organism. Unlike other , the fatty acids from coconut milk . Instead, they are directly burned to produce energy. Therefore, …

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The first thing we should know is that our omega 3/omega 6 balance is far from ideal due to our current lifestyle and the food that we consume. Most foods have high concentrations of omega 6, which means that the amount of omega 3 that we need to achieve the anabolic effect is high. In this situation, omega-3 supplements become …

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We are living in an era when a window of information with almost unlimited content on any subject is just a click away. We carry this digital encyclopedia or universe of information in the pocket of our trousers or in our handbag, practically from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep. Immediate Information Today more than ever, …

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Omega 3 fatty acids belong to the most important nutrients for the organism and they have a highly positive effects on health. The clinical studies that have been carried out have proven that they help to prevent the development of cardiac pathologies, regulate blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol, and relieve the pain in the joints, migraine, and depression. What is …

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Krill oil is a valuable treasure due to its excellent nutritional properties. One of them is its great Omega 3 content. What is Krill Oil? Krill is a tiny crustacean, very similar to a shrimp that grows in the cold waters of the Antarctic ocean. It makes up a great part of the marine fauna from this place. The resistant krill …

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Natural medicine is becoming relevant once again. This is due to some recent studies stating they are the best alternative to conventional medicine. They can relieve the symptoms of certain diseases  while being less harmful but equally effective nonetheless. The use of medicinal plants and essential oils like Evening Primrose are becoming as popular as conventional medicines. What is Evening …

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