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Fitness Recipes

Find out the best Fitness Recipes by great nutrition professionals and fitness foodies

Types of Fitness Recipes

There are fitness recipes for breakfast, snacks, dinner… in the different sections:

  • Low in carbs
  • Sweet
  • Salty
  • Protein
  • Vegan

Our aim is to support your daily efforts in following a balanced fitness diet

Gluten-free pancakes

You will find gluten free recipes, suitable for vegans/vegetarians, for those who love sweets and for the most thorough…

There are fitness sponge cakes, oat and egg white pancakes, healthy biscuits

Healthy Recipes

Our main aim is to help you replace less healthy products

Some of them are processed or ultra-processed foods with their high fat content and their sugar levels which are quite unhealthy.

All our recipes have been carefully designed, that is why we offer the Nutritional Information so that you will know how many calories and macronutrients they contain.

A better nutrition will improve your recovery and performance, which will result in positive changes in the physical composition.


The fitness recipes that we suggest will help you maintain a nutritional balance while still enjoying their flavor

Easy-to-Cook Fitness Recipes

You can cook them yourself at home to stay healthy, which are two desirable purposes for anyone

If you let us guide you, you will discover dozens of fabulous fitness recipes

HSN Fitness Recipes

If you already make an effort to go to work, do the chores… and you combine all that with an active lifestyle, at least you should treat yourself with these delicious recipes!
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Fit battered chicken is a typical recipe in some areas of Spain. The original recipe is battered and fried, but we are going to adapt it so that it will be healthier. The ingredients for this recipe are quite simple just as the preparation. We can also change it by adding turkey or even ham. Fit Battered Chicken Recipe Fit …

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A healthy diet made up of easy vegan recipes will achieve a nutritional balance that will support our health. Vegetable Sources of Protein Today, there are more and more vegetable products that can provide the same properties as those that come from animals. The most beneficial are fruit and vegetables, cereals, milk and soy hamburgers, , chia seeds, spirulina, amaranth …

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Here you have a recipe to cook a Fitness Spanish Omelette. It will not taste like the typical Spanish Omelette since it has not fat, but it is a great choice if we want to stay healthy. How to cook a Fitness Spanish Omelette A picture is worth a thousands words… I hope you like it, I personally love it! …

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Today, we bring a recipe to cook a delicious chocolate mug cake, which is very easy to make. In fact, it makes a perfect breakfast or dessert 😉 Wanna try? How to cook a Chocolate Mug Cake? Easy to make - 99% Easy to find ingredients - 100% Nutrient value - 90% Flavor - 100% 97% HSN Evaluation: 5 /5

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Reunions, celebrations and you trying to control everything you eat. Worry less! Here you have three sweet recipes to make Sugar-free Christmas Bon bons. Treat yourself during the holidays! We need to make date paste for all the recipes, to do so, we will use 300g of natural dates. Remove the pit from the dates. Blend (without water) until you …

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Christmas is already here! We have come up with this Fit Soft Peanut Nougat recipe so that you will be able to enjoy it in the healthiest way. This one is for you fitness and Christmas lovers! Soft Peanut Nougat Soft Peanut Nougat Review Quick recipe - 100% Easy to find ingredients - 100% Nutrient value - 85% Flavor - …

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Today, we bring you a very typical recipe with a little twist: Flavored Porridge Bowls It is a traditional “porridge” breakfast made of oat flakes. In this case, we have used a very special ingredient that is also delicious: flavored peanut butter! Flavored Porridge Bowls Recipe Flavored Porridge Bowls Review Easy to make - 100% Easy to find ingredients - …

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Here you have a recipe to cook a Spongy Peanut Cake! Oh my god, this sponge cake looks so good!! If you like to enjoy your evenings at home watching a movie, write down this recipe to enjoy them even more with a delicious recipe by the Fit Happy Sisters. Would you like to try it for yourself? 😋 Spongy …

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If you like ginger, you are going to love these Gingerbread Men! We have already gotten into the Christmas spirit! Now, thanks to the Fit Happy Sisters, we want to encourage you to gather your family and cook these delicious Gingerbread Men. Let’s get to it shall we? Christmas Gingerbread Men Recipe Christmas Gingerbread Men Easy to make - 95% …

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This time, we are going to cook a Christmas Sponge Cake with oat flour. A perfect afternoon snack for the whole family! Christmas Sponge Cake Christmas is a time when people come together, both family and friends… But you do not want to eat sweets that do not adapt to your fitness diet. Do not worry at all! We have …

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We know. It is practically impossible to diet at this time of the year. Finding excuses to reject your grandma’s stew or the tray full of sweets is always hard. But, what would happen if I told you that you can follow your diet while enjoying a delicious Christmas menu? Here you have our Fitness Christmas Recipes. The key is to find …

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Fitness biscuits always come in handy, even more so if they are gluten-free cookies, specially for those who suffer some kind of food intolerance Grab some pen and paper and enjoy this delicious and healthy recipe by the Fit Happy Sisters. Wanna try? 😋 Gluten-free Cookies Recipe Gluten-free Cookies Easy to make - 100% Easy to find ingredients - 100% …

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Fit Waffle recipes, because following a healthy lifestyle: daily exercise and healthy diet; should not mean that you cannot treat yourself. You just have to control the ingredients that you use. That is why we have gathered the best recipes for one of the most delicious snacks: WAFFLES!! Our first tip is to always cook your fit waffle recipes at …

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Today, we bring you an interesting recipe: Chicken with Peanuts Are you still trying to figure out what you are to cook for lunch? Then write down this recipes and enjoy this delicious Chicken with Peanuts by the Fit Happy Sisters. Wanna try? 😋 Chicken with Peanuts Chicken with Peanuts Review Easy to make - 100% Easy to find ingredients …

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Fitness Meringue Recipes to enjoy delicious desserts while following a healthy diet. Who said that making sugar-free meringue is impossible? Here you have the best examples 🙂 Moreover, in HSN we have come up with a Fitness Meringue Pack with all the necessary products to make the healthiest Fitness Meringue Recipes. What comes in the HSN Fitness Meringue Pack? Now, …

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Here you have a delicious recipe to make Coconut and Carrot Balls with a high protein content. Grab a pen and paper. How to make Protein Coconut and Carrot Balls? We want to encourage you to try them for yourselves, hope you like them! Carrot and Coconut Balls Review Easy to make - 90% Easy to find ingredients - 100% …

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A sweet recipe with a high protein content? These protein chocolate truffles make an excellent snack or dessert. Would you like to make Protein Chocolate Truffles? Protein Chocolate Truffles Review Easy to make - 100% Easy to find ingredients - 99% Nutrient value - 89% Flavor - 100% 97% HSN Evaluation: 5 /5

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