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Health and Beauty

Have a look at the best advice regarding nutrition, well being, natural dietary products to improve your Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty tips

Feeling good inside out

This is key to have a high self-esteem.

Well Being

We have many articles available in which we treat different problems that are currently quite common in our society.

One of the most complex ones is stress

Preventing Injuries

Our health also involves avoiding injuries when we train

However, if we cannot avoid it, we should be aware that there are natural remedies that we can use to treat them.

Recovering from an injury

It is quite common to push ourselves too much when we practice sports without bearing in mind the consequences.

That is why we can find cases of overtraining


The diet is a key factor to stay healthy

A healthy nutrition

Knowing the foods and the different benefits they can provide will allow us to improve our immune system. This will create a solid defense against any harmful external agent

Natural Remedies

We offer completely natural therapies

Some of them are Yoga or Sport Massages.

Traditional remedies

We can also combat the symptoms of allergy or to help to reduce the retention of liquids
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If there is something that we all do in Christmas, it is eating lots of food with our family and friends. However, these meals tend to be full of sugar, fat and alcohol. Do you want to go back to your routine? Here you have some tips to eat healthy after Christmas. An excess of food can trigger discomfort (heartburn, …

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Sweets, endless feasts, partying the whole night… Are you ready for the most intense days of the whole year? But do not worry, it is easy to survive the Christmas holidays if you know how. Here, we will give you a few tips to stay fit during Christmas. You still have time to make a plan and learn how to …

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Christmas, one of the most important festivities of the entire year, is drawing near! We want to help you start the new year feeling lighter. Although many have good resolutions for the coming year, it does not mean that we should finish the present one in any way. Write down the following tips to avoid weight gain during Christmas. It …

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We tell you everything about training at 40 Interestingly enough, as we grow old, physical exercise and nutrition become more and more necessary for our health. Far from what many actually think at the age of 40, it is one of the moments when we need to have a daily workout plan if we want to enjoy a good health. …

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A sport massage is a therapy for those who do physical exercise regularly that involves the manipulation of the soft tissue What is the first thing that you do when you hit yourself in any part of your body? You probably cover and rub your hand on the area, right? Yes, we all do. The truth is that this is …

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Lysine is one of the essential amino acids from our body. In fact, it is in charge of supplying the protein our body needs to grow. Moreover, it also helps to regulate the nitrogen balance from our organism. It also plays an important role in the regulation of cholesterol and in the production of calcium and collagen. What is Lysine? …

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What are the effects of Gluten on the Brain? There are some people who feel a sensation that is often described as brain fog. They cannot think clearly, as if they had taken some kind of drug. In fact, some people start thinking that they may be experiencing the first symptoms of a mental disease like dementia. In some cases, …

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A simple medical test will not be enough to determine if a person suffers from gluten intolerance Quite often, the results are negative even when we still experience the symptoms. Many people are sensitive to gluten and they are not aware, which is why they relate some health problem to other pathologies. If you want to know if you are …

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Regarding physical exercise, would it be good to avoid gluten in order to improve the sport performance even if we are not celiac? This tendency has been shown after studying the frequency, perceptions and beliefs surrounding non-celiac athletes. Let’s not forget that gluten sensitivity cannot exist without celiac disease. From a sample of 942 athletes without celiac disease, more than …

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The aloe vera plant has been used with medicinal purpose for thousands of years. It is regarded as the most complete plant from natural medicine. Its used is meant to treat multiple pathologies: wounds, skin diseases, gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, gingivitis or burns. Its benefits have been scientifically tested which is why no home should be missing this plant. But, …

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Fluid retention is a very common problem that is mostly due to a barely healthy lifestyle: not drinking enough water, sodium excess, high temperatures, lack of physical exercise…). Although sometimes, it can mask a more serious issue connected to a health problems (circulatory problems, hypertension, congestive heart disease and renal or hepatic diseases). Natural diuretics are a good remedy for …

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Each second, a man is diagnosed with prostate problems. Lycopene, a natural substance that is present in tomatoes, has the ability to protect the prostate thanks to its properties for our health. Prostate cancer is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality among men. According to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC): “Prostate cancer is the second most …

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