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Keto Bulking Workout – 8th Week

Keto Bulking Workout – 8th Week

Another week of our Keto Bulking Workout to see if we can gain muscle mass during a bulking phase and a ketogenic diet. Then, we will do a cutting phase (macrocycle) with a keto diet too. Let’s start with the 8th Week of the Keto Bulking Workout Routine!

7th Week Review

A couple of weeks more and we have will stop to enjoy the holidays. Personally, I will be travelling to New York, a trip that I am very excited about. What are your plans for Christmas? Are you travelling too?

Back to work, last week I was very comfortable in the CrossFit box. I was full of energy, although I feel I reached a point of stagnation. As I have mentioned several times, I do not think CrossFit is the best way to gain muscle, but that is how things are for now.

Regardless, I try to do 2 days of pure hypertrophy to compensate for the two days of aerobic exercise. Above all, I do very intense routines with good weights and without using cable or machines.

…in this life, you have to adapt to the circumstances and just do your best…

During the week of rest, we will review the anthropometric measures to see how we are doing. However, I believe that doing CrossFit may have reduced some of my measures, we will see.

Weight change

Evidently, I keep playing 3-4 matches of paddle a week, that is my cardio.

Tomorrow, I will go to a private cardiologist to talk about my heart hypertrophy.

This week, I weigh 82.3g (I have gained 700g). Therefore, we keep on progressing in terms of weight. This gain is due to a change in the diet, I was hungry during the CrossFit sessions even though I was eating 3400kcal.

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PIZZA KETO . Ingredientes de la base: – media coliflor (500g) – 100g de queso mascarpone – 2 huevos – sal . 1️⃣ Limpiar la coliflor y solo coger la col (no tallos, ni hojas) 2️⃣ Triturar la coliflor con una picadora o batidora hasta que quede una masa 3️⃣ Meter en el microondas durante 10' a máxima potencia 4️⃣Sacar y mezclar todo: coliflor, sal, huevos y queso hasta que todo ligue 5️⃣ En una bandeja de horno se extiende la masa sobre un papel vegetal. Teniendo en cuenta que: – Debe quedar fina (puede que salga para dos pizzas grandes) – Extender redonda o cuadradra pero no toda la badenja, dejar algo de papel para cogerlo. 6️⃣ Meter en el horno a 180-200º durante 20-25' 7️⃣ Ya le puedes echar de todo. . Buen provecho 😋 . #fitness #dietaSinProcesados #enforma #nutricion #salud #rendimiento #enformaalos40 #daviddiazgil #comidareal #noprocesados #comida #diabetes #cuidate #desayunossaludables #comidasaludables #comidareal #realfooding #sonrie #keto #cetosis

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For now, I will change the amount of calories and start an extra hypercaloric diet (130% / 3800-3900 kcals, strict) without intermittent fasting. All in all, this will help me recover perfectly from the workouts, which are quite demanding for me. It has been a while since I did a metabolic workout routine, since I participated in the Spartans.


This week has been quite unstable…

I have not used insulin for days, I ate bread and I fell into hypoglycemia due to dehydration. Other days, the glucose was out of control due to the high intake of peanuts and daily calories.

This week, I have an appointment with the endocrinologist and I hope he will finally prescribe me the Abbot  Freestyle.

This device helps you monitor the glucose without having to pinch your fingers with each dose.
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KETO VS DIABETES . ✌️ Hoy he conseguido que me pauten el freestyle de Abbot, un medidor “casi” continuo de glucosa. . 😋 Estoy contento porque la endocrina que me lo ha pautado no me ha tratado de loco por comer pocos hidratos, era sensata y con mente abierta. . 🤷🏻‍♂️ Tenemos diferencias en cuanto a como controlar la diabetes, post comida vs pre comida de hidratos, y también en lo que respecta al colesterol elevado (aquí es donde veo que sigue con lo preestablecido por el consenso médico y su miedo irracional a las grasas). . 🤪 Hemos estado hablando casi una hora y la verdad me ha escuchado y entendido mi postura (en ningún momento me ha dicho que debo comer más hidratos, eso es un punto a su favor enorme). . ↘️ Mi glicosilada es de 6.1, no esta nada mal para un diabético aunque lejos de mi objetivo que es sub 5.8, todo debido a estar en hipercalórico, creo yo. . 😍 En unas semanas tendré el freestyle en mi brazo y empezaré a controlar parámetros nuevos, deporte y sueño son mis grandes dudas, y gracias a esto investigaré al máximo las variaciones de glucosa. . 🤗 La experiencia supondrá un avance personal en el control de mi diabetes y seguro que a alguno más le vendrá bien, así que no dudéis que compartiré lo que aprenda con todos vosotros. . 🥑 La keto es una gran herramienta para la diabetes, de eso no hay duda. . 💪 A por la semana compis 💪 . #fitness #dietaSinProcesados #enforma #nutricion #salud #rendimiento #enformaalos40 #daviddiazgil #comidareal #noprocesados #comida #diabetes #cuidate #desayunossaludables #comidasaludables #comidareal #realfooding #sonrie #keto #cetosis #diabetes

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8th Week Keto Bulking Routine

Well, let’s keep going with 2 days of CrossFit, 1 day of Basics and 1 day of Full Body.

Here you have it:

Workout information

Keto Bulking 8th Week Diet

Here you have the diet I am going to follow this week, with the adjustments I have mentioned in the review (extra hypercaloric diet):

Do not hesitate and join me!

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