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In the Nutrition Section from the HSN Blog, we tell you how to provide your body with the best nutrients to make the most of them.

Nutrition and healthy dietetics

We explain how to nourish the body in detail.

The best nutrition and dietetics brand give their opinion and tips. How do we have to care about our diet to achieve the best sport performance.

They will talk about how to improve our health. This will be quite useful for those who want to change their lifestyle through nutrition and sport.

Daily life and workouts

Find out what you have to do when it comes to finding essential nutrients. Our objective is to make sure that the body functions properly, especially when facing demanding situations such as work or training.

Because following a hectic lifestyle should not prevent us from doing some physical exercise. The best thing to do would be to provide as much healthy fuel to our body. So that, in the end, we will be able to achieve our purpose, which is getting the best performance.


Vitamin C has been used for a long time by athletes in order to improve the performance and reduce the fatigue. The importance of Vitamin C for athletes One of the main functions is the hydroxylation of the amino acids proline and lysine in order to produce collagen. This is why it is crucial for the growth and maintenance of …

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When we talk about Vitamin C, the first thing that comes to mind is an orange, right? Most people still believe that it is a food that is rich in vitamin C. However, the truth is that there are others who have a higher vitamin C content, some of them you may not even know… Vitamin C is an essential …

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We constantly hear how important Calcium is to keep our bones and teeth strong, especially in such important stages as growth, menopause, pregnancy and lactation, for physical exercise… But, do we know what it actually is? What it is for? What problems can we have with a or an excess of this mineral? Which are the best sources? What is …

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The body is no capable of storing vitamin C which is why we can experience a deficiency. However, there is no evidence that a high consumption can have serious side effects in healthy people. In any case, we may list some gastric discomfort like colic, nausea and, at most, diarrhea. Nevertheless, those patients who suffer hemochromatosis should be careful, since …

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L-leucine is one of the branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s). It is an essential amino acid that cannot synthesized by our body. This means that it has to be obtained from food or dietary supplements. What is Leucine? L-leucine effectively regulates the blood sugar levels and it also increases the production of the growth hormone. It can be combined with …

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The sport performance can be affected by many factors, including genetic and environmental elements. In the last few years, Vitamin D has been regarded as a limiting factor when there is a deficiency and as an enhancer when there is plenty of it. A Vitamin D Deficit affects Athletes A vitamin D deficiency can affect the bone-muscle system, which can …

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The damiana plant has gained popularity in the last few years mainly due to its aphrodisiac and muscle relaxant effects. Moreover, it helps to increase the libido and performance. Nevertheless, it also has many other benefits that we are going to explain now. What is Damiana? Damiana, Turnera diffusa and Turnera aphrodisiaca, is plant native to the United States (mainly …

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Rose Hip, which is scientifically called Rosa eglanteria or Rosa rubiginosa, is a plant species with remarkable properties and medicinal benefits for our health. This fact is supported by its long history as an active principle used with therapeutic purposes specially in popular medicine. It has been traditionally used to treat skin disorders, such as wrinkles, scars, skin patches and …

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Oat flour stands out due to its high antioxidant content that stops the rancidification that naturally affects all the foods that contain significant amounts of fat. Oat flour: Properties and Benefits The interest in oat flour has grown exponentially in the last two decades as soon as their benefits for health were discovered. It is a natural and abundant source …

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As it can happen with any product that we consume, oats can also cause some side effects, that is why it is highly advisable to know about their possible inconveniences before starting to consume them. What damage can be caused by oats? Although are one of the most consumed cereals in the world and regardless of being supported by scientific …

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Oats, whose scientific name is Avena sativa, are an herbaceous plant of annual cycle, which belong to the gramineous family (also called Poaceae), which are largely includ]ed in the monocotyledon phanerogram plant group. They are commonly known as one of the most important members of the vegetable groups in the Food Pyramid: cereals. What are oats? Oats are one of …

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