In the Nutrition Section from the HSN Blog, we tell you how to provide your body with the best nutrients to make the most of them.

Nutrition and healthy dietetics

We explain how to nourish the body in detail.

The best nutrition and dietetics brand give their opinion and tips. How do we have to care about our diet to achieve the best sport performance.

They will talk about how to improve our health. This will be quite useful for those who want to change their lifestyle through nutrition and sport.

Daily life and workouts

Find out what you have to do when it comes to finding essential nutrients. Our objective is to make sure that the body functions properly, especially when facing demanding situations such as work or training.

Because following a hectic lifestyle should not prevent us from doing some physical exercise. The best thing to do would be to provide as much healthy fuel to our body. So that, in the end, we will be able to achieve our purpose, which is getting the best performance.

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Protein shakes are probably the most used products in the world of sport nutrition. Among them, whey protein is the most popular one. However, there are other alternatives like pea protein with great properties that provide remarkable results. Moreover, it is suitable for groups of people that cannot take whey, such as vegetarians or vegans. What is pea protein? Peas …

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Pomegranate dietary supplements have a high punicalagin content. It is its main ingredient and the one responsible for its extraordinary properties. Origin of pomegranate Pomegranate is a very peculiar fruit that has been used for centuries due to its legendary properties. Also known as punica granatum, it is one of the oldest fruits known to humankind. Persians believed that Eve …

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Fenugreek is a plant with countless properties and benefits. For instance, it can lower the LDL cholesterol and the blood glucose levels. What is fenugreek? Trigonella foenum-graecum, commonly known as fenugreek, is a herb native to the Middle East that has been cultivated in the Mediterranean area for centuries. Above all, its leaves and seeds have been used as spices …

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Linseed can be a healthy complement in your diet, since it can lower the cholesterol levels. In fact, this effect can lower the risk of heart diseases. Moreover, these seeds can help you lose weight. Linseed contains several nutrients that can stimulate the weight loss processes if we combine it with a low calorie diet. Properties of Linseed High fat …

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Echinacea is renowned in the world of natural medicine due to its immunostimulating properties. Echinacea has become more and more popular in the last few decades in the fields of dietetics and phytotherapy. In fact, it is one of the most effective natural remedies in a field where there is a lot of competence. Its use in traditional medicine started …

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The benefits of arginine for the cardiovascular system have been scientifically proved. In fact, its intake is usually advised to prevent cardiovascular diseases. What is Arginine? It is one of the most versatile when it comes to its properties and metabolic functions. Actually, apart from its popular function as a precursor, arginine is also involved in the synthesis of polyamine, …

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Peanut butter has a satiating effect while providing vegetable protein, minerals and fiber. The latter support the proper functioning of the digestive system. Quality Nutrient Supply A peanut butter supply can be quite important from a nutritional standpoint. In addition, it will keep your appetite satiated for longer. Due to its nutritional properties, apart from its ability to calm hunger, …

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Beta-carotene was the first carotenoid whose pure form was obtained in a laboratory. The scientist Wackenroder isolated it in 1831 with the structure of micro-crystals using a carrot sample as substrate. What is a carotenoid? Carotenoids are chemical substances which are mainly responsible for the variety of yellow, orange and red colors from vegetables. Although they can also be responsible …

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These are the best food sources of folic acid, a vitamin that belongs to the B group and which plays an important role in our organism What is folic acid? , also known as vitamin B9, folacin or folate, is an outstanding component from the B vitamin complex. Therefore, it is a water soluble substance. Like other vitamins, folic acid …

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People tend to associate gluten-free products with a boring and bland diet. However, if you have the information you need, you will notice that this is not the case. The key lies in knowing which products have gluten and avoid them, replacing them with others which are gluten-free. Here, we have gathered very useful tips and simple but delicious recipes …

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Vitamin B9 belongs to the group B vitamins and it is also called folic acid or folate. However, are these compounds the same? If not, which one is better? All the cells from the human body need folic acid or vitamin to develop and regenerate the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Without being able to generate DNA, the body cannot produce new …

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Saffron or crocus sativus is one of the most used spices in the Mediterranean diet. It is used in natural medicine due to its antioxidant, digestive, anti-inflammatory, immuno-regulating and anti-spasmodic properties. Currently, its bulbs hold an important value. What is saffron? Saffron is also known as “red gold” and its scientific name is Crocus sativus. We are talking about an …

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