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Supplement Guide to help you optimize your Recovery

Why is the Recovery Important?

The post-worktout period is especially important for sportspeople and athletes alike.

Getting a proper recovery is crucial if we want to progress as well as reduce the risk of injuring ourselves.


The key points of a Recovery are:

  • Overcompensate the energy deposits
  • Regeneration and growth of muscle tissue
  • Rest for the Nervous System
  • Assimilate the Training

A sport and nutrition planning is fundamental if we want to achieve our objectives

The best supplements for the Recovery

Said supplements will not only improve your recovery. Moreover, they will also enhance your sport performance and increase the resistance of your muscles.

Some of these supplements are:


They will contribute to recharging the glycogen deposits which are spent after performing physical activities.

At the same time, depending on our strategy, we can take them during the workout.

Recovery Stack

There are different types:


Additionally, proteins will contribute to meeting the individual protein requirements daily.

They provide essential amino acids, which are key for the protein synthesis and, therefore, to start regeneration the muscle fibers.

Amino acids

The BCAA’s are specially important as well (a group made up by 3 amino acids: leucine, valine and isoleucine).

HMB is a leucine metabolite with important properties to enhance the recovery, especially if we are dealing with a lot of work and stress

Sport Drinks

They provide easy-to-absorb energy with mineral salts.

Endurance Athlete

They are mainly used by athletes, especially endurance athletes

Their main objective will be to support the athlete by recharging the energy after the effort. At the same time, they will provide mineral salts that will ensure a proper hydration.

Do you know what are the best Post-workout Supplements?

Tips for the Recovery

Tips to improve the recovery 

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