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The Running HSN Blog has been especially created for amateur and professional athletes.

What is Running?

It is one of the most practised sports nowadays. It is known as Athletics or simply “running”, and it has gained popularity among professionals and amateurs alike. They practice this sport in order to stay fit on a daily basis.

An exclusive space

The Running HSN Blog is a section where you will find tips, as well as information, diets and nutrition for runners.

You will be able to learn from how to do a carbohydrate loading in order to be ready to face the next race or high intensity workout as well as preparing your first marathon or workouts at the gym in order to enhance your performance and transfer your improvements to the race.

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A healthy and nutritive diet is an indispensable element for any sportsperson who needs to obtain as much strength to carry out a proper physical performance and to be able to fully recover. Why do Runners need Supplements? Physical activity increases our nutrients requirements, which is why we need to provide the necessary amounts of calories, minerals, and vitamins. A …

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