Salty Recipes

Salty Recipes

Fitness Salty Recipes are the perfect snack or to match some of the meals throughout the day

Salty Recipes Snack

There are many times when we are hungry and we crave products which are not precisely suitable for a fitness diet.

Here, we provide not only small recipes with which you can cook snacks to eat healthily between the meals. But we also have more complex recipes for meals like lunch or dinner.

Broccoli bread

Have you still not tried Broccoli Bread?

In this section, you will be able to find recipes like Hummus with Cashew, Crackers, Fitness Omelette

Healthy Salty Recipes

Low fat recipes, rich in proteins and low in calories can help us lose some extra weight.

Light satay chicken

Satay Chicken Recipe

At the same time, we can nourish our body properly, which will result in more energy when it comes to training and improving the performance
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These recipes to make salads will help you to optimize your workouts with natural ingredients that will improve your recovery so that you can make the most of your next workout! When we train, our body enters a phase called catabolism, which is when our energy deposits are emptied and our muscle fibers are destroyed. It is indispensable to eat …

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This is an excellent recipe for the summer, since it is served cold, and it will also provide a wide range of nutrients and a reasonable supply of calories. Healthy Fats It provides essential fatty acids that come from the avocado, olives, and olive oil. Most of the fatty acids will be monounsaturated which will help to reduce the “bad” …

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Today we bring a delicious recipe charged with energy and flavor, which will consist on the combination of two excellent ingredients: Pumpkin and Coconut. Coconut milk has between a 15 and 22 per cent of fat approximately. However, it has less fat than other types of milk, like cow milk which has between a 30 and a 35 per cent …

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