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This is the place where you will find all the information related to your favorite sports: training, nutrition, supplements… the latest news in our HSN sport blog.

Information about Sports

Here you will find everything that is related to sports and physical activities with the most rigorous and up-to-date information. Even if you are not a professional athlete, but you are actually interested in knowing everything about nutrition and training, you can improve your situation and to achieve your best performance.

You will find:

The latest news about nutrition and training. You will also find videos, articles, advice and tips to improve your physical shape and your health.

Supplements for your Sport

The best supplements to make the most of the sport you practice.


Push-pull routines are a very effective method when it comes to gaining muscle (hypertrophy) and strength. What is a Push-Pull Routine? The Push-Pull routines are a workout strategy that consists of dividing the sessions in two types of movement: One day, we will push away the weight from our body Another day, we will pull that weight towards our body. …

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Let’s analyze the Rest-Pause method is an efficient way of gaining muscle mass according to the new studies The is the process that results from efficiently combining mechanical tension, metabolic stress and muscle damage. The latter is a direct consequence of the first two. (Schoenfeld, 2010). More specifically, improving the hypertrophy with advanced workout techniques (, Drop Sets, Rest-Pause, Myo-reps, …

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When Manuel asked me to write an entry for the HSN blog I was very excited. Then I thought… What should I write about? In the end, I decided to write about me, not because I think I am special. Rather, because I thought I could give my insight regarding strength training and CrossFit during adolescence. Above all, it is …

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A Training Diary is a quite useful resource in order to document our progress and evolution in the gym. It is easier than you believe We tend to become obsessed when we reach a stagnation point. We focus on the routine, we try to change the rep number, the series number, the weight that we lift… Sometimes, we blame the …

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If we ask people why they go to the gym for the first time, few will say they want to train CrossFit. In fact, the answer will probably be “to shape up”… …However, we tend to connect the definition of “being fit” with our physical aspect or body composition (muscle mass and fat percentage). If our objective is… …being able …

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Today, we will focus on developing a Strength Training to lose Fat combined with a corresponding diet Are 30 minutes of physical exercise enough to ensure that we are healthy?… Obesity and Sedentarism Obesity has increased in most countries from the European Union. In fact, sedentarism is one of the risk factors for aging and the onset of many diseases. …

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Combining Functionality and Sport has resulted in Functional Training which is thought to be a type of training that moves away from weights and gym bars… Let’s see what this is all about! What is Functional Training? It can be defined as a physical activity that uses certain exercises and/or materials to perform movements and patterns that can be used …

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Using supplementation in Triathlon can be an useful strategy to improve the performance, recovery, or any other important aspect. Now, let’s see some of the best supplements for this discipline. What is Triathlon all about? Triathlon is a sport that requires more than just physical resistance, it involves mental strength and personal growth. It gathers three sport disciplines: swimming, cycling, …

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This protocol has been designed for those who dare to achieve almost impossible percentages of fat. With the HSN protocol, you will be able to achieve the extreme definition that you always wanted! Let’s make things clear before starting the protocol First of all, I do not believe that the diet is a 70% of the success. The second thing …

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Everyone reading this knows that sport supplements are useful when it comes to making up for a deficiency in our diet. Above all, they are not meant to replace any food. A good nutrition combined with supplementation will help you achieve your goals. That is why we have created this post to talk about the best supplements for Fitness. A …

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DOMS (“Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”) is the pain or muscle soreness that takes place one or two days after the workout. This is more common in those who just started training, changed their routine, tried new movements or exercises, or even increased the intensity and volume of training. It can be alarming for beginners, but it is completely normal to …

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A healthy and nutritive diet is an indispensable element for any sportsperson who needs to obtain as much strength to carry out a proper physical performance and to be able to fully recover. Why do Runners need Supplements? Physical activity increases our nutrients requirements, which is why we need to provide the necessary amounts of calories, minerals, and vitamins. A …

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The Nitrogen Balance is a term used to describe the rate of protein synthesis and breakdown What is the Protein Turnover? The protein metabolism consists of a series of physiological processes that result in what is known as “protein turnover”. The protein turnover is the connection between the protein synthesis and breakdown. A positive balance for the synthesis is called “anabolism”. …

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is a powerful physical conditioning system that combines several sport disciplines, like weightlifting, gymnastics… These disciplines use mostly functional exercises at a high intensity. Their main appeal is the competitive factor, meaning that we will have to give our best in each workout. Why are CrossFit Supplements Necessary? This type of training includes different exercises which will subject our body …

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Following a proper diet is essential when it comes to perform in any sport. In spite of being one of the hardest and most demanding disciplines, cycling also follows this basic rule. Sport supplements for Cyclists Even though we all know that a proper diet is a fundamental element to obtain all the nutrients that we need, sometimes it is …

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Have you ever wondered about what are the benefits of nuts for a fitness diet? We have gathered 10 different nuts and explained their properties to enrich your meals or to simply eat them as a snack! The properties and the nutritional supply of nuts are generally renowned and valued by the specialists in nutrition. However, what we do not …

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