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Sweet Recipes

Sweet Recipes

This section gathers Sweet Fitness Recipes, because dieting does not mean to completely give up your favorite desserts.

Sweet Fitness Recipes

Training is a must, but we can also enjoy ourselves as long as we know what we consume and how to cook our favorite desserts, which is why we always advise to cook at home.

Fitness Donuts with Chocolate 

What about some Fitness Donuts?

You will be able to treat yourself without skipping your diet thanks to the sweet recipes that you will find in our blog

Fitness Desserts

Here, we have gathered endless recipes in which we replace unhealthy ingredients for our fitness diet due to their amount of fats. Instead, we use other products like coconut or olive oil, which are healthier, as well as ingredients like oats or wheat instead of processed foods.

Smoothie con Whey Protein y Frutos Rojos

Smoothies are an exceptional cocktail of nutrients and they are delicious as well

Sweet Recipes with Protein

At the same time, we can take advantage of these sweet fitness dishes to provide even more benefits for our body by adding as much protein as possible, in order to help our muscles recover from physical exercise.

Chocolate Brownie 

Would you be able to resist a Chocolate Brownie with Peanut Butter, especially if it is made with healthy ingredients?

Healthy, quick and delicious recipe to make a nutritious dessert for your guests: Chocolate and Coconut Mousse It will take you 10 minutes at most and you will have to tidy up the kitchen! 😉 Wanna try? Chocolate and Coconut Mousse Recipe Chocolate and Coconut Mousse Review Easy to make - 100% Easy to find ingredients - 100% Nutrient value …

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Oats are rich in complex carbohydrates with a great amount of fiber, a cereal with a low glycemic index with proteins and unsaturated fats. All in all, they are an excellent food for sportspeople. What are Oat Pancakes? As its name its own indicates, it is an exquisite recipe made of and , but it allows endless variations, all of …

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The Fit Happy Sisters have made a recipe to make creamy lollies which are beyond delicious! Summer is here! And what can we do without a refreshing lolly in those hot summer evenings 😊? You will not be able to resist them! Recipe: Chocolate Lollies Chocolate Lollies Review Easy to make - 100% Easy to find ingredients - 96% Nutrient …

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Let’s get in the kitchen to cook tomorrow’s breakfast. There is nothing better than a delicious and healthy Marble Cake to start the day off with energy Marble Cake Recipe Marble Cake Review Easy to make - 85% Easy to find ingredients - 95% Nutrient value - 100% Flavor - 100% 95% HSN Evaluation: 5 /5

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Scones are a typical Scottish sweet that you can cook for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. They are extremely nutritious! Scones with Whole Oats Recipe Whole Oat Scones Review Quick preparation - 100% Affordable ingredients - 100% Nutrient facts - 100% Flavor - 100% 100% HSN Evaluation: 5 /5

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If you love chocolate, you will surely enjoy this recipe How to cook a fitness chocolate sponge cake? With the help of the Fit Happy Sisters, we have made a recipe to make a delicious chocolate sponge cake with oat flour. It is perfect for a weekend breakfast or as a dessert to celebrate a special occasion.

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Do you have some protein leftovers from different flavors? Then, I will explain a recipe to make a Pudding with 3 layers that is very easy to make, low in calories, and affordable. I am going to do it with my favorite flavors, a chocolate and vanilla pudding, but you can change the ingredients as you like. Other combinations that …

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Even those who have sworn to eat healthily make mistakes when it comes to eating snacks. Sometimes when we are busy all the time, we end up eating chips, cookies… which are definitely not healthy. Healthy Snacks for a Fitness Diet Healthy snacks are an important part of a healthy diet. We can enjoy a healthy snack at any time, …

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Once again I am here to share a recipe that is low in sugars and fats so that you can enjoy a sponge cake with less calories than a traditional one, but as delicious! As always, following a diet and eating healthily does not mean that we have to stop treating ourselves. Any recipe can be cooked with less calories. …

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When we need a supply of nutrients, either for breakfast or to recover from a workout, shakes and smoothies are an excellent choice to eat healthily while enjoying incredible flavors and textures. Benefits of Smoothies Since we are going to use fruits as the main ingredients, we can be sure that they will be filled with important vitamins, like the …

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