Braces & Supports

If you lift heavier and heavier loads every time you go to the gym, braces and supports are essential elements for your joint safety. As you can see, the main function of these elements are to protect some areas of the body from getting hurt. They also protect your muscles from that unpleasant overworked feeling after training.

Using joint protection and support allows you to enjoy physical exercise more efficiently and pleasantly, as they reduce the overload effects on muscles and joints. They also protect wrists, shoulders, knees and elbows.

Elite athletes are almost obliged to use them. However their use is recommended for everyone because it will prevent from re-injuring. In fact, the design is the result of the application of several medical and orthopedic techniques, so they assure a natural and fluid movement.

HSNstore offers a wide range of braces and supports that stand up because of the comfort, lightness and durability they provide, they are easy to use and have been made with the best materials.

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  • Elastic knee support. Keeps the knee in a fixed position, protects knee joint.
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  • Wrist band that protects the wrist and allows sweat to dry. Better grip for racquet sports.
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  • Padded neck and shoulders roll.
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  • Prevents over-training the knees.
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