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Callus is a skin problem that is scientifically called hyperkeratosis and it is the result of an excessive accumulation of dead skin cells. Generally, calluses are produced by an excessive friction with shoes and that’s why feet are the most common area where calluses appear. However, they can also appear on your hands as a result of weightlifting without using the appropriate gloves.

Normally, in order to eliminate calluses it is necessary to see a podologist, who will assess the seriousness and decide the most convenient treatment. If they are small, it means that the dead cells accumulation is not excessive and can be removed by applying a specific chemical product. But most of times, the most common procedure for callus removal is surgery. Once calluses come up, they usually appear again after removing them.

Pumice stone is a very good remedy to eliminate calluses if these are not too big. However, besides being usable by oneself, it is important to be careful not to irritate healthy skin and provoke injuries, hence it is ideal to use if after a bath when the skin keratin is not as hard. Likewise, HSN recommends avoiding tight shoes, always wearing socks and a feet washing with warm water and liquid soap after spending several hours standing on your feet, to help you keep healthy feet and prevent callus formation.

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