Captain Kombucha

Captain Kombucha, Legendary Fermanted Drink

Captain Kombucha is a nutrition company that is settled in Sintra (Portugal). This company is focused on the artisanal manufacture of fermented drinks made of green tea.

The history of Captain Kombucha is truly an adventure. A passionate captain who loved to explore the richness that each place could offer and to share it.

One day, during one of his many trips, the captain became aware of the existence of a fermented and legendary drink, which was rich in antioxidants, with unique medicinal properties that could encourage physical health and mental recovery.

It was then when he began his journey to find this fermented drink. An old samurai shared with the captain his knowledge of this legendary drink, which was called Kombucha.

The captain settled to improve the formula of Kombucha, by trying new flavours and combining it with other ingredients in order to obtain a drink with more nutrients and new flavours that would adapt to any palate.

The news that this legendary drink was available for everybody spread. The captain of the seas was now known as Captain Kombucha, and his fermented drink became legendary.

Captain Kombucha Drinks

Captain Kombucha is a delicious fermented drink which is naturally hand-made in their factories in the western Pacific Ocean.

Captain Kombucha bottles are made and fermented with their own culture, apart from being made with certified Bio ingredients of the highest quality.

Captain Kombucha is a delicious pro-biotic drink made of fermented ecological green tea. Moreover, it is bio-organic, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, GMO free, without gluten, lactose, nor preservatives, and unpasteurized.

Their products are natural and, since they are unpasteurized, they preserve all the nutrients from fermented green tea. Moreover, they are completely Raw.

Refreshing drinks which are full of properties for our health, thanks to Kombucha they are rich in antioxidants. They are a great reinforcement for the body’s natural defenses.

Captain Kombucha and sports

Captain Kombucha are antioxidant drinks, it is recommended to consume them when practising sport, since during this time the production of free radicals and oxidative stress is increased.

Those who practice sport need a higher antioxidant intake in order to reduce oxidative damage produced after a workout session.

Moreover, apart from being an antioxidant agent that protects us against premature aging, green tea also helps to preserve the elasticity of the vessels, it promotes the renal elimination of water and contributes to regulate cholesterol levels in blood.

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