Carb and/or Fat Blockers
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  • CHITOSAN 500mg - HSN Essentials
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  • Extract of Plantago. Great supply of soluble fibre to prevent constipation.
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  • PHASE 2 500mg - 60 veg caps - Now Foods
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  • SUGAR SLIM - 60 caps - Prisma Natural
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  • GRENADE KILLA KETONES - 60 caps - Grenade
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  • Fat catcher. Without stimulants.
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  • Great carbs blocker. Inhibits appetite and reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. Contains 10 active ingredients. 
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  • PHASEOLAMIN - 48 veg caps - Drasanvi
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    1g Phaseolamin with enzymatic activity.
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  • Provides 500mg of White Kidney Bean per capsule. Vegetable capsules, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
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  • Carbohydrate interceptor, inhibits their assimilation.
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  • Support for weight loss, increasing the metabolism and improving mood.
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Carb & Fat Blockers

The carb and fat blocker products are aimed at helping us to lose weight in a healthy way. They are totally natural products whose purpose is to prevent our body assimilating part of the fats and carbohydrates contained in our dishes, reducing this way the caloric content of our diet.

Table of contents

    1. What are carb and fat blockers?
    2. How to take carb or fat blockers
    3. Considerations
    4. Side effects

What are carb and fat blockers?

The objective of carb and fat blockers products is mainly to prevent the person’s metabolism from absorbing and synthesizing molecules of fat from that consumed in food. Therefore, they are especially recommended for those people who want to lose weight and need an extra boost to do so more quickly. Most of them are sold in the shape of tablets or capsules.

What these carbohydrate blockers mainly do is prevent our body from having the ability to metabolize all the carbohydrates we ingest through food. Therefore, they make the carbohydrates be excreted through the faeces preventing them passing into the bloodstream and the body using them to produce energy.

As our body is not getting enough carbohydrates, it will obtain the needed energy by using the fat reserves. This mechanism will help us to eliminate the excess fat from our organism.

For this reason, supplements are commonly used to lose weight, as its action is direct and in most cases effective.

Fat blockers work in a similar manner to carbohydrate blockers, as they also prevent the body from metabolizing part of the fats that the food contains.

Fats are the nutrients that provide the body with the highest amounts of calories. In fact, each gram of fat ingested entails 9 kcal while each gram of carbohydrates provides 4kcal. Therefore, an excess of food products that contain high proportions of fat can provoke a quick weight gain.

Regarding this, it has been demonstrated that the products that block these substances allow to avoid the absorption of up to 25% of the calories provided by the substances.

How to take carb or fat blockers

In order for these fat and carb blockers to be effective they must be taken straight before each meal. It is also very important to have a controlled diet and carry out physical exercise to be able to obtain the results we seek.

Additionally, since all the products that you can find at HSNstore are made out of totally natural elements, their consumption does not entail any health risks. In this sense, we must underline that they should not be confused with fat burners, as they are focussed on losing the fat that is already accumulated in the adipose tissue.


We should take into account the following considerations about this type of products. Firstly, they are perfect for all of those that are starting a diet and want to lose weight quickly. However, they are not advisable for athletes, as they avoid the assimilation of carbohydrates, they do not dispose of glucose, and therefore, neither do they dispose of the necessary immediate energy to perform exercise.

On another note, the only substantial side affect of these products is that they may promote the production of gases in the small intestine. Due to the fact that they prevent the carbohydrates and fats from being absorbed, they accumulate and ferment in the stomach and small intestine. Additionally, there is a high risk of a rebound effect, when we stop taking them, if a series of healthy diet habits are not kept, as the body does not have that extra help to prevent fat absorption.

Side effects

The carbohydrates and fats, as they are blocked nutrients, are eliminated by the body through the faeces. In doing so, they pass through the small and large intestine, fermenting and producing fats, and possible alterations of the intestinal flora.

In some cases, these products can cause constipation, for this reason it is recommended to take them along with natural laxative products that facilitate the excretion of these substances.

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