Cascara Sagrada

Cascara sagrada is an extract obtained from the bark of a tree called rhamnus prusiana. For many years, it has been traditionally used as a natural remedy to treat constipation, as well as kidney stones related to liver diseases.

Cascara sagrada contains many chemical substances that stimulate the intestine and which have a laxative effect.

Nevertheless, apart from its uses against intestinal problems, it is also being currently used as a food supplement to lose weight. There are different opinions about this, but this effect precisely lies in its use as a detox supplement for the organism.

Where can I buy cascara sagrada?

Cascara sagrada supplement are available in herbalist's shops and parapharmacies, as well as specialized stores. That is the case of the HSN online store, buy the best products in the market at the best prices, ready for immediate dispatch.

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