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Cellucor was founded in 2002 by Poul Bodholdt and Robert Wood with the purpose of bringing new technologies and innovative solution to the dietetics industry.

Poul and Robert saw the chance to cover an empty gap in the industry, as it was asking for a change in formulation, and that’s how Cellucor was born. Even though the brand has not been widely known until a few years ago, Cellucor has been selling supplements more than 10 years.

It’s a unique business model. Just like Apple or Oakley, you will only find Cellucor in particular and special stores as the company works with an exclusive and selected  group of distributors.

Cellucor is currently an awarder leader of the sports nutrition industry and has won several important awards like the Best New Brand 2010, Fat Burner of the Year 2012, Award of Excellence de Bodybuilding and INC 5000 America’s Fastest-Growing of 2011 and 2012.

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  2. Philosophy
  3. Cellucor product lines
  4. Cellucor Top Products
  5. Athletes sponsored


Cellucor is committed to quality, innovation and what’s most important, the results. Day after day they work hard to develop quality product to be different among the sports nutrition world. This is a company that’s constantly innovating to provide the best and newest products for its clients to achieve their fitness goals.

Cellucor product lines

  • MUSCLE GROWTH: Promoting muscle mass increase with proteins, creatine, amino acids or other natural anabolics: Alpha Amino highlight, β-BCAA Cor Performance Creatine, M5 Reloaded, Red P6, P6 Black, NO3, ZMA and Performance Whey Cor.

  • WEIGHT LOSS: effective fat burning formulas made with clinically proven ingredients: CLK, T7 Extreme, D4 Thermal Shock, L2 Extreme, Super HD and Super HD Xtreme.

  • PRE-WORKOUT: improving performance with C4 formula and its variants 50x C4, C4 Mass, plus C4 Ripped formula CN3 O M5 Extreme, that is a pre- and post-workout, all in one.

Cellucor Top Products

Athletes sponsored

Calum Von Moger, Jen Jewell, Craig Capurso, Karina Babymiller.