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    Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Collagen, and Vitamin B12. Liquid format, easy to use. With fruit juice concentrates!
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  • Provides 600mg of Chondroitin Sulfate per tablet.
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  • Supports joint health. Promotes their regeneration and mobility.
    GF LF
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    Exclusive formula: glucosamine + chondroitin + MSM.
    Madness at the TOP 100 Up to -70%
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  • Type I and type II hydrolyzed collagen. Contains 750mg of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) per daily dose.
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    With chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM and harpagophytum to improve the health of the joints.
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  • OSEOGEN 375g - Drasanvi
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    Glucosamine sulphate, Chondroitin, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, vitamins and minerals, an excellent combination to promote good joint health.
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  • OSEOGEN - 72 caps - Drasanvi
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    Formula that contains Marine Collagen, Shark cartilage, Chondroitin, Glucosamine Sulfate, minerals and vitamins to promote good bone and joint health.
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  • SHARK CARTILAGE - 48 veg caps - Drasanvi
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    With Chondroitin and Glucosamine to promote good joint health.
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  • CHONDROITIN AND GLUCOSAMINE - 48 veg caps - Drasanvi
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    400g of Chondroitin and 1000g of Glucosamine to favour good joint health.
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    Buy Weider and Victory Endurance and Get 8 Incredible Gifts
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  • High quality support for joint health, with the very best ingredients.
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  • Hydrolyzed collagen with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and Devil's claw. It provides 5000mg of collagen per daily dose.
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  • Boosts flexibility, lubrication and joint mobility.
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  • Advanced formula for a proper bone and joint maintenance. 4 capsules per pack.
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Chondroitin protects the tendons and joints. It has a very important role in formation of the synovial fluid and helps with joint problems. What’s more, chondroitin prevents phlebitis and thrombosis.

Nowadays, there is a lot of people suffering from joint pain. Our lifestyle and work often involve sitting in front of a computer without doing any physical exercise at all.

Nevertheless, movement is very important for joint and cartilage health. This is due to the fact that the essential nutrients that the body needs to regenerate the joints are transported throughout the organism only through movement.

Over time, the joints deteriorate, as well as the cartilage and synovial fluid that form them, which results in pain and inflammation.

Generally, the body produces the necessary substances to rebuild cartilage. But, when the body is no longer capable of doing so, supplementation may be the best choice.

Chondroitin is available as a nutritional supplement to relieve joint pain and osteoarthritis. It also helps with other disorders such as phlebitis, swelling, and contusions.

What is Chondroitin?

Among the benefits of chondroitin we highlight:

Table of contents

    1. What is Chondroitin?
    2. Effects of Chondroitin
    3. Chondroitin is recommended for:
    4. Which foods contain Chondroitin?
    5. What are the symptoms of a Chondroitin deficiency?
    6. Who can benefit from Chondroitin?
    7. Chondroitin: intake and administration
    8. The experts opinion on Chondroitin
    9. Side effects and interactions of Chondroitin

  • Helps to treat superficial venous diseases
  • Prevents tissue bleeding and avoids blood effusions
  • Fights inflammation
  • Helps to combat thrombosis
  • Alleviates the pain associated to the inflammation of the joints
  • Helps to fight arthrosis 
  • Fights joint inflammation

Effects of Chondroitin

In normal circumstances, the body defends itself and autoregenerates. This also happens with the joints, where there are substances that ensure that the machinery works perfectly.

The joints have a specific, elastic, and flexible lubricant which absorbs shocks and keeps them healthy. This substance is chondroitin, a special sugar that the body produces naturally which is in charge of eliminating harmful toxins that can damage the joints.

When the body no longer produces this substance, pain, inflammation and arthrosis are developed. Chondroitin, along with glucosamine, can stimulate cartilage tissue and enhance its ability to mix with the fluid of the joints.

Moreover, chondroitin reduces blood coagulation. Through this mechanism, it also treats superficial venous inflammation. The fact that the blood flows better without clotting helps to prevent and treat thrombosis, inflammation, hematomas, and congestion.

Chondroitin acts a natural compound of the protective layer of the mucous membranes, which is the reason it can also help with urinary tract infections, like cystitis, and bladder pathologies.

Chondroitin is recommended for:

  • Joint pain
  • Inflammation
  • Phlebitis or venous inflammation under the skin
  • Thrombosis
  • Osteoarthritis

Which foods contain Chondroitin?

Chondroitin is mainly found in food of animal origin. The chondroitin sulphate that is used in dietary supplements comes from shark cartilage, which is a subproduct of the food industry.

What are the symptoms of a Chondroitin deficiency?

A lack of chondroitin and other nutrients can cause joint pain, inflammation, and swelling due to the tiring of the cartilage and a synovial fluid deficiency.

Who can benefit from Chondroitin?

  • People with joint problems
  • People suffering from phlebitis or thrombosis
  • People with osteoarthritis
  • People who tend to suffer hematomas or blood clots

Chondroitin: intake and administration

When our own body is no longer capable of producing the amounts of chondroitin that are needed to guarantee the health of the joints, it is advisable to consume chondroitin supplements along with glucosamine. Chondroitin is also available in cream or gel format for its topical administration to treat phlebitis or thrombosis.

The experts opinion on Chondroitin

According to researchers, chondroitin has a positive effect in all the structures of the body that are made of collagen. Therefore, it acts on the tendons, ligaments, and bone structure.

Moreover, it keeps the elasticity of arteries and prevents the development of wrinkles. Even though there is not enough evidence about its effects as a anticoagulant, its benefits for edemas, clots, and hematomas are undeniable.

Side effects and interactions of Chondroitin

When it is used following the instructions and after consulting a doctor, no side effects have ever been found in chondroitin.

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