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Cinnamon, a spice widely used in our kitchen for its gratifying aroma and flavor. In addition to providing a sweet, woody and spicy touch to our dishes, cinnamon can benefit our health in many ways. Cinnamon has multiple benefits that support people's general health.

Studies show that cinnamon extract is one of the best natural medicinal remedies for diabetes due to its ability to help control your blood glucose. Cinnamon is able to lower blood sugars from between 18 and 29% in individuals suffering from diabetes. Consumption of cinnamon is also recommended in fasting to achieve more and better effects against diabetes.

Cinnamon also has interesting digestive properties, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, and antioxidant effects, aids relaxation, and can even help to reduce cold symptoms.

Table of contents

Cinnamon and diabetes

Cinnamon is not only a kind of spice for seasoning food, but also has properties beneficial to health and diabetes. Cinnamon helps to control and maintain sugar levels in the blood of those suffering from diabetes and increases the production of insulin in the body.

Cinnamon extract helps people who suffer from diabetes, or from symptoms that appear prior to the onset of the disease, controlling, lowering and normalising blood sugar levels, promoting health and avoiding the accumulation of sugars in the form of fat.

Cinnamon has the ability of regulating glucose, due to an active ingredient called methyl-hydroxy-chalcone polymer (MHCP).

How cinnamon works to reduce blood sugar in diabetic persons

The MHCP polymer present in this spice, binds to the insulin receptors in the body's cells, stimulating them and enhancing their effect. An increase in insulin allows lower blood sugar levels, leading to more favourable health parametres, and the control and reduction of diabetes symptoms.

Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of cinnamon as a natural remedy for those suffering from diabetes, since taking it reduces blood sugar levels very effectively.

When diabetes patients stop taking cinnamon, the effect disappears.

Therefore, taken on a regular basis, this food is good for the health and serves as a method of treating and controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics or glucose impaired individuals.
When diabetics take cinnamon they are able to reduce the required daily quantity of insulin to be injected, as well as the control of glucose consumption that are part of diabetes treatment.

Cinnamon and digestion

Cinnamon has interesting properties which facilitate digestion. It has antiemetic effects (against vomiting), is a great anti-diarrheal and helps to stimulate the appetite.

It is an effective method to naturally treat dyspepsia. Dyspepsia is difficult or slow digestion that can cause heaviness, swelling, gastroesophageal reflux, heartburn or burning sensations, abdominal pain or wind. Cinnamon is an excellent remedy for stimulating the secretion of gastric juices, thereby improving digestive processes.

Cinnamon also has carminative properties that can be beneficial in cases of wind or flatulence, either in the stomach or intestines, since the build-up of gas often reflect digestive problems or fermentation.

Taking a tablespoon of cinnamon after meals acts as a perfect digestive aid, as well as helping to control sugar levels. This is highly recommended especially for people who are prone to suffering from heartburn or stomach heaviness and above all after large meals.

It is a great antioxidant

Cinnamon is rich in vitamin C, antioxidant phenolic compounds, flavonoids as well as tannins. Cinnamon offers the body powerful antioxidant protection.

Antioxidants are substances that have the ability to protect our body from the action of free radicals, protecting it from the damage of the oxidative process, from the ageing of internal organs and improving the appearance and elasticity of the skin.

Improves blood circulation

Cinnamon is a food which possesses antithrombotic, antiplatelet and anti-sclerotic properties, so it is a great ally in improving blood circulation.

Taking cinnamon can also improve peripheral circulation in the hands and feet.

Cinnamon and its antifungal effect

Due to its antibacterial effects cinnamon is a natural remedy for avoiding the proliferation of fungi, above all of aspergillus and candida albicans, .

Cinnamon for colds

It has antiviral, antibacterial, expectorant anti-inflammatory properties for which reason it is considered a natural remedy for the relief of flu, cold, bronchitis, cough and nasal congestion symptoms.

Cinnamon improves the functioning of the respiratory tract, but also helps improve the headache symptoms which can lead to influenza or flu.

Cinnamon contraindications

While it is a spice with many benefits, it does have some contraindications. For example, pregnant women should avoid taking cinnamon supplements since they can have emmenagogue effects, since they stimulate the flow of blood to the pelvis and uterus area, which can be detrimental to the normal progression of the pregnancy.

It is also recommended that mothers who breastfeed omit cinnamon extract supplements during this period, since it can produce an allergic hypersensitivity as a result of its active ingredients.

Cinnamon may be beneficial in cases of mild digestive disorders, but must be avoided by sufferers of intestinal ulcers, as its consumption may provoke further irritation in the stomach and intestine. If you have been diagnosed with severe stomach problems, the best option is that you avoid this spice.

People with heart problems should also avoid cinnamon supplements, as they can speed up the heart rate.

Also, for those taking antibiotics, cinnamon supplements should be avoided, as it is a natural antibiotic that may react with medicines and modify the way in which they act in the body.

An excess of cinnamon may also have laxative effects.

Of course, cinnamon causes these adverse effects in fairly high doses. It is very difficult for cinnamon to have these adverse effects if you only add a little to your meals for a touch of flavour. But an excess may cause problems.

How to take a cinnamon supplement

A maximum of 1000mg of cinnamon extract is recommended daily. It is advisable to take 500mg of extract after your main meal (lunch) and 500 mg after dinner.

It can also be combined with other supplements that help to control blood glucose, such as chromium picolinate.

A doctor should be consulted before taking cinnamon and chromium picolinate.

Who can take cinnamon extract?

  • Those seeking to keep their glucose levels at normal levels.
  • People who want to improve their body composition through better utilization of glucose, avoiding storage in the form of fat.
  • People with pre-diabetes symptoms or who are overweight or obese, or who have a predisposition to develope resistance to the action of insulin.
  • For those that are looking to improve their digestion, or as a natural alternative to relieve mild digestive problems (burning, indigestion).
  • As a natural remedy for the common cold (as long as no medications are already being consumed).
  • Those seeking to increase their antioxidant protection.

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