Cobra Labs

Cobra Labs is a brand of sport supplements famous for its pre-training formulas that are characterized by some striking and somewhat "sinister" designs.

Cobra Labs ventured in the world of sport nutrition in 2010 when they presented their innovative pre-training product The Curse. They later developed The Ripper, a formula which promotes the most effective fat loss. Their latest addition is Shadow-X, which is a pre-workout supplement designed for "tough guys".

Cobra Labs has been present at some of the biggest supplement exhibitions around the world, including Mr Olympia, Body Power UK and the FIBO exhibition in Cologne, Germany.

The company knows about the sacrifice involved in being physically prepared to give the maximum in every workout. For this reason, they are committed to high performance sport with formulas that meet the demanding needs of its consumers.

Their formulas are completely transparent and include top-quality ingredients whose quality is backed up by science and guaranteed to really work. There are no magic or "secret formulas" or hidden ingredients.

Their commitment to excellence and quality is paramount and they will maintain it as they continue to expand into new markets and territories around the world. Today, Cobra products are marketed in more than 100 countries around the world.

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  • THE CURSE - 50 SERV - Cobra Labs
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  • Pre-workout with CarnoSyn®, vitamins and caffeine.
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