Coenzyme Q10
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  • 200mg of Coenzyme Q10 Ubiquinone per vegetable capsule.
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  • Support for the cardiovascular function.
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  • Reduced form of Coenzyme Q-10 with D-Limonene
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  • Reduced form of Coenzyme Q-10. More effective.
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  • Reduced form of Coenzyme Q-10. More effective
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  • Red yeast rice with CoQ10, ALA and Milk Thistle. Cardiovascular health and antioxidant protection.
    V VG
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  • Incredible properties to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.
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    AMIX VS BIOTECH -10% and Many GIFTS
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  • Minerals, vitamins, Omega 3 fatty acids, Coenzyme Q10, amino acids, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and methylsulfame.
    -10% DTO
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  • It provides 60mg of coenzyme Q-10 per daily dose.
    AMIX VS BIOTECH -10% and Many GIFTS
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  • COENZYME Q10 - 30 veg caps - Drasanvi
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  • 30mg of Co-Enzyme Q10 per capsule.
    -10% DTO
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  • Coenzyme Q10, Vitamins A, C, E, and Selenium.
    AMIX VS BIOTECH -10% and Many GIFTS
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    It contains REVINAGE™, a blend of herbal oils clinically tested to provide firmness to the skin.
    V VG
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  • It provides 400mg of Coenzyme Q10 per daily dose in vegetable capsules.
    GF V VG
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  • Coenzyme Q10 100% Pure in powder format. It provides 50mg of coenzyme Q10 per serving.
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  • Coenzyme Q-10 reduced form. It provides 400mg of CoQ10 per daily dose.
    GF LF V VG
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Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is the key to keeping a healthy heart. It is a basic substance that provides energy to the body's cells.

The heart requires energy, therefore when there is a lack of Coenzyme Q10, this can have a negative impact. In fact, a CoQ10 deficiency has been observed in 75% of heart disease.

Co Q10 is a dietary supplement that helps cardiovascular health, provides vitality, strengthens the immune system and facilitates a proper muscle function. In addition, it promotes a healthy body, without the side effects which can occur with drugs.

Table of contents

    1. What is CoQ10?
    2. The health benefits of coenzyme Q10
    3. Coenzyme Q10 helps maintain a healthy heart
    4. Coenzyme Q10 provides energy
    5. Coenzyme Q10 activates the immune system
    6. Promotes muscle functioning
    7. Who would benefit from taking coenzyme Q10 dietary supplements?
    8. Does CoQ10 have side effects?
    9. Coenzyme Q10 interactions
    10. Recommended dosage of coenzyme Q10
    11. Why should we take CoQ10 supplements?
    12. Other names given to coenzyme Q10

What is CoQ10?

This substance is generated by the body and has a function similar to many vitamins. It is an antioxidant that protects the cells against oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction resulting from damage caused by free radicals, leading to cell death.

The role of antioxidants is to join itself with free radicals and make them harmless. It plays a crucial role in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that exists throughout the body.

CoQ10 supplements enhance heart health, prevent the onset of heart failure and inhibit the damage caused by some medicines. They also contribute to repairing the damage to tissues and cellular wear caused by oxidation. Taking coenzyme Q10 supplements helps muscle and immune system function.

The health benefits of coenzyme Q10

  • It has benefits for people suffering from heart failure.
  • Studies have shown that it reduces the damage caused by medication that has been prescribed for lowering cholesterol.
  • In some patients, supplements bring about a reduction in hypertension.
  • It increases energy production in cells.
  • Prevents cellular deterioration, damage and death.
  • It provides energy to the immune system.
  • It captures free radicals that cause stress and eliminates them.
  • It helps to relieve muscle pain.
  • It helps the regeneration of muscles and muscle disease prevention.

Coenzyme Q10 helps maintain a healthy heart

Heart failure is often associated with low levels of coenzyme Q10 in the blood. Several clinical studies have shown that an additional intake of coenzyme has enormous benefits for patients suffering from heart failure.

One of these studies showed that a daily intake of 300 mg of this coenzyme for a month improved cardiac and arterial health. If one follows an exercise programme simultaneously, the benefit is even greater.

Statins, a group of drugs that are usually prescribed for lowering cholesterol, also reduce the production of CoQ10 by the body, which can cause arterial damage (cardiomyopathy in particular). This damage can be prevented with a higher intake of CoQ10 supplements and the same applies to patients suffering from high blood pressure.

Coenzyme Q10 provides energy

This coenzyme is directly responsible for the production of ATP. A deficiency of this substance causes a loss of strength and vitality, and brings about the formation of free radicals.

These free radicals cause ageing and destruction of tissues, which can lead to fatigue and a deterioration of general health.

There are organs in our bodies that require more energy, such as the brain, liver and cardiovascular system.

These organs contain a greater quantity of CO Q10 and also benefit most from an additional intake.

Coenzyme Q10 activates the immune system

This substance helps the immune system by promoting optimum cell performance. The immune system has to fight against all kinds of attacks and diseases, so it requires plenty of energy in the form of ATP.

According to studies, it plays a basic role in the production of ATP, so a deficiency inhibits the correct functioning of the immune system, due to the limitations on available cellular energy. The damage caused by free radicals can also impede the functioning of the immune system. Coenzyme Q 10 is one of the antioxidants that can adhere to free radicals and prevent them from causing damage.

Promotes muscle functioning

Muscles need a lot of cellular energy to operate well. People with a low production of CoQ10 may suffer a deterioration in muscle function.

Clinical studies have shown that middle-aged men who take an additional amount of coenzyme Q 10, have more energy, vitality and muscular strength.

They have also shown that there are some mitochondrial genetic diseases (elements within cells) which can be improved through the use of coenzyme Q 10.

Who would benefit from taking coenzyme Q10 dietary supplements?

  • People who suffer from a deficiency of CoQ10, due to a poor diet, illness or the side effects of certain medications.
  • Patients who suffer some cardiac or arterial pathology.
  • People with high blood pressure.
  • People who suffer from muscular pain and general fatigue.
  • People who have a weak immune system due to disease or medication side effects.
  • In the treatment of age-related macular degeneration, combined with other amino acids and lipids.
  • People who want to achieve greater vitality and better health.

Does CoQ10 have side effects?

This has been investigated thoroughly and no serious side effects have been observed. Very rarely, minimal non-specific effects, such as headaches, nausea and skin rashes can be observed.

Coenzyme Q10 interactions

It has positive interactions for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration, in combination with other amino acids and lipids. It is also useful in reducing the harmful effects of statins. Pregnant and lactating women should first consult a doctor before taking this type of supplement.

Recommended dosage of coenzyme Q10

The recommended dosage varies depending on each person, but is generally between 60 to 400 mg a day. Patients using coenzyme Q10 for the treatment of certain diseases may require a higher or lower dosage depending on the recommendation of the doctor. Capsules usually contain between 50 to 300 mg.

Why should we take CoQ10 supplements?

  • To improve heart function.
  • To strengthen the immune system.
  • To improve vitality.
  • To improve the functioning of the muscles.
  • To fortify general health.

Other names given to coenzyme Q10

CoQ10, ubiquinone, ubidecarenone or vitamin Q10.

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