Conditions of Employment

1. Identification

Harrison Sport Nutrition S.L. (a limited company in Spain) CIF: B72077159

  • C/ Lanjarón, Nave 5A, Pol. Juncaril 18220 Albolote (Granada) Spain
  • +34 958 490 853

2. Objective

These General Terms and Conditions of Contract govern the relationships which arise between a provider and users who purchase any product through our websites.

Acceptance of this document has the same contractual validity as a signed copy of the same. The fact of electronically following all the steps in the purchase process, involves the assumption that the user accepts expressly and unequivocally the general conditions of contract.

The provider reserves the right to modify the present conditions as well as any other document on the aforementioned website, at any time and without notice.

The entire contractual process will be conducted in Castillian Spanish.

3. Obligations

The provider affirms that the content, data and information regarding the products or services offered on its website, are reliable, truthful and accurate, being responsible for the advertised prices and features. However, it will not be held liable for any information they has been entered or shown or modified by third parties outside the aegis of the provider.

The provider only focuses on the sale of the products offered through the website. All products offered, have their respective manufacturer's warranty, as well as the terms of return to the legally established provider. For more information about warranties, check the "guarantees and complaints" section of this document.

4. How to buy

The process to contract for services is undertaken completely electronically through the website.

Anyone with Internet access can complete a contract; the only prerequisite is that they have registered as a user. This requirement is essential to start the contract process.

Should it be that a user has not already registered, they must complete a form to supply personal data considered essential to carry out the control, billing and shipping of orders.

The steps of the sales process are visible throughout the contractual process. However, the contract process is divided into 4 distinct steps:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Identification of User
  • Summary of purchase
  • Confirmation

The user only has to select the product they wish to purchase and click the button "Shopping Cart". That will start the contract process which always follows the steps above.

All products included in the "basket" can be removed, if the user says so. If, on the other hand, they decide to proceed with the purchase, they must read and expressly accepted the website’s Conditions of Contract and the Privacy Policy. Once this is done, the user will proceed to the contract stage proper.

If the user changes any of the data entered, the summary screen will automatically update. Likewise, there is also a space expressly created to allow the user to make specific comments regarding their purchase.

Even after adding a particular product, the user can continue shopping, leaving all the chosen products in the basket until they click the button below the contract process.

After the purchase, a summary screen will show the purchase made. If the user has chosen to pay by credit card, this will be done through the bank POS platform. The security of which is guaranteed by the financial institution.

After this and within a maximum of 24 hours, the buyer will receive an email in which all summarizing all relevant information relating to their purchase. This document is a confirmation that their purchase has been completed successfully and serves as accreditation for any claim, provided that proof of payment is attached. If you do not receive that email check your "spam" or "junk mail" folders as it may have been detected as spam, if you still do not find it, please let us know as soon as possible so we can solve the problem.

The provider informs the user that purchases will be recorded in an archive for the control and management of orders, payment status and the shipping of products.

As a means of managing orders, the user can access the list of all their orders through the "Your Orders" tab, where, after identification, they will see the order number, date, amount, payment method, and the status of the same.

* The minimum amount to process an order in HSN is of 15.90€.

5. Shipping of Purchase

The shipment of the products purchased will be by the method chosen by the user his-/herself out of the services offered.

Goods will only be dispatched upon receipt of full payment from the user. Under no circumstances will the purchase be completed until cleared funds are received. There is an exception to this clause in cases where the user requests payment on delivery. In these cases, the contract shall be deemed completed at the same point of the lender issuing the email confirmation of purchase.

The provider informs the client that there is a possibility that the selected product is not in stock. In these cases, the provider must request the product from the authorized dealer, so the customer’s delivery may take up to 15 days after the lender receives payment. However, the provider will inform the user of that fact.

Even when products are in stock, there may be insufficient quantity to meet exceptionally high demand. In such cases the provider will ship existing products in order of request, informing users who need to wait of the situation and the estimated delivery time. This communication may be conducted by phone or email.

For all purposes, delivery of the product shall be considered complete at the time indicated on the delivery note.

However, for more information on the modalities of shipping, price, delivery time and concrete aspects of each feature, we recommend you visit the "Shipping" section.

6. Warranties, cancellations and complaints

All products offered are original branded products, with a certified factory warranty and no defect in principle. All come with a factory warranty of 2 years, it starts to operate from the time of delivery.

According to the provisions of Royal Decree 1/2007, of 16th November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, users are informed of the following:

All users can exercise their right of withdrawal within a maximum period of 7 working days from the time they receive the product. In case of return, the service provider reserves the right to require the user to assume the direct cost of returning the goods or service, without them incurring any expense.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the user must carry out the following steps:

  • Complete the application form we provide.
  • Send a request with our contact form.
  • In any case, it is for the consumer to demostrate that s/he has exercised their right of withdrawal as set out in this section.
  • Upon receipt of the request to exercise the right of withdrawal, we will restore the monetary amount paid (without the cost of return shipping being included at any time) at the latest within 30 days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal and always through the medium of the client's original payment method or alternatively by bank transfer.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal requires at all times that the user send the lender the product as it was received, unused and with all packaging, so that deterioration is not possible during transport, any damage during the same will be the responsibility of the customer. The lender does not accept the return of the product when there are obvious signs of use.

7. Safeguard clause

All provisions or ends of this contract must be interpreted independently and autonomously, not to be affected any other provisions in case one of them is declared VOID by court order. The parties agree to replace the clause affected by another or others that preserve the intended effects of the parties.

8. Resolution of Disputes

Any litigation or any matter relating to our website or any other issue depending on it, will be under the jurisdiction of Spanish law. The Courts and courts for the domicile of the customer and/or user and where appropriate, consumer arbitration tribunals or similar to those we are attached at the time the dispute occurred, will be held competent to resolve all disputes arising from or related to the use of this Web site.

Claims on the use of our services can be submitted by mail to the electronic or physical address above and must in any case attempt to agree to a friendly settlement in the first instance.

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