Cracked Heels
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Cracked Heels

Cracked heels is more than just an aesthetic problem. In fact, they are produced by an hydration deficiency provoked by excessive shoe pressure on heels or on the feet palms, which tend to expand to both sides.

In this regard, as the area is not hydrated, skin cracks and loses flexibility. This often causes intense and annoying pain.

But nowadays, there are plenty of creams and treatments for cracked heels. In general, they all contain some common ingredients that solve such lack of hydration like vitamin B5, bisabolol and allantoin, which repair and alleviate skin.

Besides, compounds like glycerine, vaseline and sodium hyaluronate nourish and provide softness, to which vitamin E is added to protect the area and prevent cracking from appear again in the future. HSNstore, aware of annoyance cracked heels can provoke and the importance of keeping them healthy, offers a wide range of quality products that have been dermatologically tested to prevent skin from cracking.

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