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  • D-Mannose in capsules. This supplement provides 4500mg of D-Mannose per daily dose. GMO free.
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  • 100% of D-Mannose powder. It provides 4000mg of D-Mannose per daily dose. GMO free.
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  • D-mannose, probiotic bacteria, cranberry juice powder and Uva Ursi extract. Especially for women.
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D-mannose is a natural sugar that helps the body to heal from infections. Currently, you can purchase different supplements that contain this active ingredient, so that our body can take advantage of all its properties.

It has been traditionally used to treat bladder problems and urinary infections, since it is a natural remedy.

Due to its fact, it does not produce side effects or contraindications. Moreover, it is completely safe and it does not damage the good bacteria. It mainly fights against the E. coli bacteria that are attached to the surface of the urinary tract lining.

Buy D-mannose supplements

You can purchase D-mannose supplements in herbalist's shops and parapharmacies in order to treat urinary tract problems. In the HSN catalog, you can find products with D-mannose as well as cranberry and uva-ursi extract; ingredients that also fight against infections.

D-mannose - Benefits and Properties

D-mannose and its ability to heal urinary tract infections quickly

D-mannose is a natural alternative to treat urinary tract infections. It gets rid of the unpleasant symptoms of urine problems in a short period of time, without the side effects of antibiotics.

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