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In recent years, natural damiana has become the main nutritional supplement (available in capsules, green or dry) with which to increase the sexual libido in both men and women, as well as to improve the sexual activity. In addition, it contains a number of plant active ingredients that positively influence the functions of the endocrine and nervous system. It also relaxes the body and improves the energy levels at the same time.

Table of contents

    1. Benefits of Damiana
      1. Fast action natural Damiana capsules or tea
    2. How can we buy Damiana?
    3. How to consume Damiana?
      1. Damiana tea
      2. Damiana before, but not during pregnancy
    4. Where can you buy natural Damiana?

Since ancient times, natural damiana has been a plant that has been linked to its aphrodisiac properties. They are plants with seeds that are still cultivated in areas of Central America to be used in infusions to improve the sexual activity, as well as a natural remedy for countless diseases or disorders. Moreover, its seeds have been mixed with liquors to make drinks that include the properties of damiana for centuries. Nowadays you can buy and drink many of these liquors.

Benefits of Damiana

Buying and taking supplements with natural damiana can help us to:

  • Increase the sexual desire and performance while decreasing the impotence
  • Treat constipation
  • Reduce depression, nervousness, and anxiety
  • Combat the symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome, muscle pain, insomnia, headaches and pain
  • Improve the digestive health and relieve constipation
  • Combat other conditions, such as anemia, diabetes, respiratory infections, fungal diseases, and skin disorders

Fast action natural Damiana capsules or tea

The main contribution of these seed products is that they act quickly and naturally on the organism. In fact, several studies have shown that damiana extract supplements (capsules), or taking damiana in other forms such as tea or infusions (green or dry), take effect within half an hour of being consumed. Similarly, it has also been shown that the beneficial effects for the body are usually more strong in men, but it also has good results on women.

How can we buy Damiana?

There are different formats in which you can buy natural damiana:

  • Natural, green or dried herbal tea
  • Tinctures
  • Oil infusions
  • Extracts included in the product as capsules or tablets
  • Liquors, such as those used in traditional ways
  • To a lesser extent, they are also used as products for cooking and baking, since the compounds of these plants are capable of being released into a variety of foods or beverages.

How to consume Damiana?

First of all we would like to point out that some studies have found that doses with more than 200g of damiana plant (in capsules or green or dry leaves) can be harmful to the body and they should always be avoided.

Therefore, we advise two to four grams of dry leaf, three times a day, or the same dose infused in 150 milliliters of boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes, two to three times a day. Also in liquid, add two to four milliliters of natural damiana seed extract or 0.5 to one milliliter of tincture, three times a day. Another choice would be to add three or four grams of leaf powder into tablets or capsules, which can be taken two to three times a day, and 325 to 650 milligrams per dose of dry extract powder. We can buy and add the damiana seeds in the different featured formats.

Damiana tea

The leaf of the natural green damiana plant can be ground into a fine powder and then mixed with hot water, with the possibility of adding this ingredient to any homemade recipe, since it has been proven that cooking it or baking it does not make it lose its properties, which are good for the body. You can also soak the unground green leaf in hot water for several minutes to make damiana tea, just like you would another herb.

Combine a cup of almost boiling water with almost half a tablespoon of dried damiana leaves for every cup of tea you want to brew. Let the mixture soak for about 10 to 15 minutes until it cools. It is advisable to add a little bit of honey to sweeten the drink, although its taste is not bad, but it can still be improved with honey.

It is recommended to use these products once a day or up to three times in the same day, depending on the desired effect on the body. You can also choose to use it only several times a week when you feel that you can benefit more from its effects.

If you want to get help to end the physical and mental effects of stress, it is best to combine damiana leaf in tea with the purchase and blending of other plant leaves such as holy basil, maca and ashwagandha extract. Research has shown that this blend in tea or infusion can help you relax.

Damiana before, but not during pregnancy

The consumption of products with natural damiana is not advisable for pregnant women, since there are no studies or research that can confirm that it is safe. However, damiana is recommended, especially as a tea, for women who want to become pregnant.

This is because the intake of damiana tea by women, as it has been proven, regulates the menstrual cycle and stimulates the functions of the ovaries for the creation of healthy ovules that are ready to be fertilized. In addition, the intake of the plant as tea helps to encourage a good mood and libido, which is why it is highly recommended to purchase the products.

The advice given by some specialists is that you should drink Damiana herb tea from the first day of your menstruation until 16th day and then wait until your menstrual period returns before you start again. It is advisable to drink one cup of tea or infusion a day during this period. If the woman becomes pregnant, the intake of damiana tea does not affect the baby, since the first fifteen days of pregnancy is obvious that you are not pregnant, because the woman ovulates from the 14th day.

Where can you buy natural Damiana?

The different formats of natural damiana can be found in herbalists and parapharmacies, though at HSN we offer you the best products in the market at the best price. Also, we offer you the best service, since you will have the product immediately dispatched to your home. In the same way, we always suggest the capsule supplements, due to their easy transport, even though this product has many advantages, shown in a natural and traditional way, in other formats such as infusion. Choose which one to buy and enjoy its properties.

Damiana Benefits and Properties

Damiana - Natural Remedy against Stress and Depression

The damiana plant has gained popularity in the last few years as a nutritional supplement that is mainly used for its aphrodisiac effect and muscle relaxant. It helps to increase the sex drive and performance, even though it also has many other benefits that we are going to explain now...

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