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    Helps to soothe reddening and irritation of the skin.
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    100% Aloe vera vegetable oil with ingredients from ecological agriculture. Suitable for vegans, not tested on animals. With spray dispenser for a better application.
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Dermatitis is the inflammation of the skin and it can be provoked by several factors and in several ways. Normally, skin gets itchy, which is quite unpleasant as scratching is not good because it can cause worsen the symptoms and cause injuries.

There are many types of dermatitis. Anyway, all types are defined in accordance with the causing factor. Contact dermatitis is the most common, that is caused by an allergic reaction after touching a particular element. Likewise, irritant dermatitis is usually caused when working with chemical products. And finally, atopic dermatitis is the only chronic type of dermatitis.

In order to improve or relief affected skin, it is advisable to go to the doctors and change certain living habits. In this regard, in the case of a serious outbreak, it is possible to having prescribed corticosteroids, antibiotics, antihistamines and immunosuppressants. Furthermore, it is necessary to avoid food that may cause allergy and high fat foods.

But, to treat dermatitis, it is fundamental to use special products for a proper skin care and nourishment. Hydrating creams are essential, as one of the causes is often dry skin. Also, shower gel with calming effect is an excellent choice for your shower moment. Of course, no need to say that perfumes and deodorants containing alcohol must be completely avoided on the skin.

HSNstore has a wide range of gels and creams specially designed as dermatitis treatments. In addition, all of them have been dermatologically tested to guarantee the maximum quality and safety.

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