Devil's Claw
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    Devil's claw root extract in vegetable capsules. With a 5% of harpagosides. Suitable for vegan diets.
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  • Made of 100% vegetable Arnica and Devil's Claw oil. Oil for sport body massages.
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    Gift Pack Beauty in & out Marnys
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  • OSEOGEN RESCUE GEL 60ml - Drasanvi
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    Roll-on with arnica and vegetable extracts concentrate especially for athletes.
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  • HARPAGOPHYTUM (DEVIL´S CLAW) - 60 veg caps - Drasanvi
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Devil's Claw

Buy Devil's Claw, an excellent and natural anti-inflammatory element

The harpagophytum is a plant that is native to Africa, it is resistant to extreme climates and it has plenty of renowned properties in the field of joint health. The harpagophytum is also known as Devil's Claw.

The main properties of the devil's claw are its anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, and analgesic effects. It is quite common between sportspeople to purchase harpagophytum in capsules or cream to relieve their joint pain after a hard workout session.

We offer products that contain devil's claw among their ingredients and you can find them in our online shop.

Properties and benefits of the Devil's Claw

Properties and Benefits of the Devil's Claw

The Royal Spanish Pharmacopoeia defines the devil's claw root as a group of secondary tuberous roots, cut and dried, from the Harpagophytum procumbens species, while pointing out that the minimal content of harpagoside must reach at least 1.2%, based on the weight of the dried plant.

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