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Given the importance of nutrition for health and wellness, in 2000, Eco-Nutraceuticos was founded. This is a Portuguese company that manufactures high quality nutritional supplements.

Its main purpose since the beginning was to introduce safe and natural alternatives in the Portuguese market to help supply nutritional deficiencies.

Over the years, the company grew considerably and after 3 years of experience, they developed GoldNutrition®, one of the best sport nutrition brands in Europe.

In 2009, they create GoldNutrition® Clinical, a brand focused on clinical nutrition, looking to resolve or relieve some health problems. To top it off, Ultramax® is created in 2011, a leader brand in anti-ageing supplements that include their own supplements and formulas.

In 2012, GoldNutrition® Slim is created, a product line with a new perspective of weight loss, chose results and effectiveness are directly related with an attitude change.

Nowadays, Eco-Nutraceuticos keeps on growing and spreading to other markets, always on its nutritional supplementation line. At a competitive level, the company bets on brands and products creation to make a difference thanks to their quality.

Eco-Nutraceuticos not only cares about the creation, development and commercialisation of nutritional supplements but it is also very committed to a eco-friendly environment. Eco-Nutraceuticos intends to function using ecological and environmental methods that allow the final consumer to easily identify and separate the materials.

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