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Eco-nutrition, aka organic nutrition or bio-nutrition, refers to diets based on products with no chemical agents or additives. The main purpose of eco-nutrition is to contribute to a more natural and healthy nutrition, far from the classic precepts of the food industry.  

In addition, the manufacturing process of ecological products is eco-friendly. For this reason, for those who follow a eco-diet, it ends up being a nutrition habit to adapt to a new lifestyle.

There are so many factors and aspects that difference eco-nutrition from traditional nutrition. In the first place, eco-products are not sold in a traditional supermarket. In addition, as they are manufactured with traditional and eco-friendly methods, they are usually more expensive, which it doesn’t seem to matter to those who consume them.

As in traditional nutrition, both meat and vegetable products are usually obtained through massive exploitation processes that have serious consequences. For example, animals are grown in fattening farms where they are forced to eat and produce offspring, practically since they are born. Also, fields are so damaged by massive crop growth that lands collapse, contributing to desertification. Concerning fishing, many seas, rivers and species are more and more overexploited due to the massive fishing and human pollution.

But, how can a consumer know which products have been obtained through an ecological process? Such products have certifications verifying that it comes from ecological agriculture and livestock. These certifications are not easy to get because there are so many requirements to meet and it’s absolutely forbidden to label a product as ecological if it does not meet the requirements.  

Specifically, these requirements are included in the EU regulations EEC 2092/991, so you can have a look at it if you need to. Furthermore, each country is obliged to obey such regulations. In Spain, autonomous regions are responsible to carry out inspections and audits to verify the product origin and guarantee the consumer that it has been obtained through an ecological process.

In HSNstore we’re aware of how important this is for athletes nutrition following ecological, vegetarian or vegan diets. We offer a wide range of products and nutritional supplements obtained through totally natural and eco-friendly processes so you can provide your body with the best nutrients. What’s more, all our products meet the most demanding quality regulations.

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